River Flows In You

He's playing the song again

The one narrating the sounds

Of the river water flowing

And it always flows in you

Whoever that "you" refers to

Remains still a mystery


The keys continue being stroked

I know this not because I can see him

But because I can hear him

And I'm certain it is him

No one else in this place would know

The precision needed to play this song


I stand in the middle of the room

Motionless as a statue

I'm traveling to the past

Where I see us in that same room

As he played the same song

Just for me

I remember it all


How special I felt at that moment

When I had him all to myself

And it was nothing but us

And the song without words


Perhaps he plays it for himself now

Or thinking of his beloved miles away

I can't help but wonder if he

Remembers me through it,

Even as an afterthought


He must know, though

That this is my song

That he's my first thought

Every time I hear it

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Liked the write. Seems like

Liked the write. Seems like something my mind could've written. 

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