Volume One






I want to cut my wrists

because I can't resist

am I sane

because I like so much pain

I want to set the world on fire

since your my only desire


"Painful times, Joyful Rhymes"


Like the Winter season

your the coldest reason

the pain left a scar

the hate went in to far

for you I would bleed

because you I need





Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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sadpoet's picture

hey man, i know how ya feel with the whole suicide thing...i know all too well believe me...but most of the time i cant put it into such words as you can....keep on writting kiddo. youre a great person with an awesome talent...and please if you can email me...i would really like to hear from you.

poetvg's picture

i've been
there before
piece i d say .

Misty Lackey's picture

a sad poem, quiet a bit of choice words here.
Love sure can hurt sometimes :-(