Dead to the World

Volume One



Dead to the world”



Hurting till the pain runs its course

hurting because you are the source

I can't stop thinking about the past

how everything went by so fast

I miss the way your words would touch my heart

all this pain is tearing me apart




my life is a shame, and I'm to blame

I'm scared to sleep, I'm in to deep

and no where left to run

My hearts an open wound

from all the lies it's consumed

When it's all said and done

you were the one

without you I'm nothing

a corpse rotting away

pathetically thinking about you every day

now back to reality

where you left me just a fatality

unable to love as much

numb to the vary touch

gray is all I see

wishing for something that will never be

and this is me

Dead to the World



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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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poetvg's picture

the ouch
i feel your
pain into this
one cause i
thought that
i was the only one
feeling like this