Story Ends


So this is how the story ends

My heart is broken and bent

I foresaw it a thousand times

I still told myself they were lies


You said it in the simplest way

It hurt me in a cruelest way

The words you said echoed in my head

I couldn't sleep in my drowning bed

I stood my ground 'til the end
I held my head up to pretend 
But my eyes never concealed it
My aching heart never fought it
So, from class to class, I went out
'Cause from time to time, I broke down
As I opened the bathroom door
I fell and broke down the hard floor
I wipe my tears away
Try to forget this day
I fill the glass and have a drink
Down this lonely room I will sink
As this sad story ends,
So is my foolishness
After the long process, 
I promise I'll love again
Still, I'm glad this story ends
It may take time to unbend
Someone is out there, I believe
Born to make me happy not grieve
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Belle's picture

Totally relate to this!

I've felt this before </3