I Want To Know


2:50 a.m., 

I'm still waiting for your reply

One simple message, 

I just want to know if your fine


I want to know if it's still cold out there

I want to watch your face filled with flakes there

Hear your voice that sounds so sweet

Asking me if I cried a tear


I know we've been over for 4 months

At the back of my head, it's not

I said I could forget you at once

Inside my foolish heart, it's hard


I wasted the time we spent

I burned the chance given

So, I cry and break down

On this hard and cold ground


But you're million miles away

Now, it's gone harder each day

I wish you took me with you

Where the Pope used to live too


I want to know how you are

If I'm the one in your heart

I like to know if you're alright

If we can get back one more time

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