He, Who Took His Own Life

He puts the gun up to his head,

wondering if there was another way instead.

Painful memories flash through his head, 

his being mesmerized at the words she said.

He realizes how much he means to her now,

a pile of waste, from your typical cow.

There was no hope, nor light, 

or energy to keep up the continuous fight.

All he wants is an easy way out,

and down he shall go, into this dark route.

Resting on the desk is his suicide note, 

hopeless, depressing words on paper did they float.

"Friends, family, I'm sorry for what I'm about to do, 

but at least know this; I'll always love you."

He presses the trigger, wanting to end his pain,

the gunshot lost, in the sound of pouring rain. 

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