The Crossroads

Volume Three

The Crossroads

Welcome to the crossroads of my life, That intersection between love and hate.
A constant struggle an endless fight, with it all on the line everything at stake.

I can see the pain trapped behind those eyes, the scars and tears you try to hide.
A tortured soul who has nowhere to go. A victim to this life who was tortured slow.
The desire to just be numb is something I know all to well,
for kindred spirits have often been dragged through hell.
With so many reasons to just give up, knowing when you're just fucked
Yet you still find the strength to stand, the sheer power of your will you command.

“Wasting time we still complain,
chasing dreams that some never obtain
when we lose hope we lose our desire
to try and reach any higher”

How much do you deserve to suffer? Can you watch the world explode?
Have you paid your dues to the coffers while your emotions implode?
Having been alone for so long the days blend into the night
Having been abandoned who is to say whats wrong and right.
Having been so long yet I remember, the pain that was caught within the fire's ember.
The whispers that drift my way, and the ugly things they say.
Looks that glance in my direction, disgust is in their intention.

I played with the fire as I attempted to reach higher
ran with my eyes closed and gave into what my heart chose.
Now I find myself at the crossroads of what is real,
listening to the heart beat of life and this illusion we feel.

So much pain and suffering infesting our reality
negativity manifesting misery.
This is the life you choose, with every roll of the dice you lose
and I laugh as you trip and fall even if you go down taking us all.
It's a sinking ship as you run for the life boat,
It's a twisted trip as you hang from your own rope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont really have much to say about this piece. It turned out decent enough, However I've noticed since I am on the final draft of my book I am starting to get publishing fever hahaha hope you enjoy this piece.

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I felt a strong conection to

I felt a strong conection to this piece. It was very well written, and had lots of thought, and emotion behind it.
I enjoyed reading this.