Silent sanctuary

so much I wish I could say but know I shouldn't utter a word.
silence is my sanctuary
haven't you heard? out of the whispers
a bleak void is what separates this voice from that choice to say
what would slice you up into oozing chunks of aching flesh
take your mind & contort the rest.
I am the bruise inside
the purple faded on pale rough skin.


when in doubt, i'll cut it out
all the pain within..
you may judge what I speak
but it'll come straight back to you.
your face is like a terrible sin
a memory that freezes me in between motion
crumpling my bones
suddenly everything gets so cold.


trust not what is seen
for it lies through gorgeous white teeth
& beautiful eyes, they undress you in vulgar ways
& ears that don't know what you mean.
& it feels as if theres a knife being pushed into your throat..
unable to escape.
only option left
is cry your heart out
in hopes of being saved

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Silent Sanctuary:



Love your work here: trapped between another persons misues of you and your trapped emotions and out of fear silent emotions.  As a reader of your poetry, I find myself holding my breathe with the suspense of the moment all more than adequatley relayed by your eloquence with words and your use of opposities to drag the reader searing through these experiences. Great poem blackrainbowofhope, more more more.