I Was Just Leaving

Maybe it’s me

Always overly acquainted with the all knowing eyes

And the rubbernecking of studying stares

The steady flow of innuendo


The arrows of displeasure aimed in my direction

All for having lowered my anchor

Rejoicing in where I’ve landed

Maybe not the preferred destination

But content with the richly cultivated grains of my being

Fertilized in fortitude from the favor I’ve been granted

And the divine soils in which my feet have firmly been planted


Maybe it’s me

Because my world is now serene

No longer entertaining the misunderstanding of me

And those who are still burdened

When I feel no obligation to explain the essence of my theme

Or the reasons for my chosen path

Those of which have caused my soul to scream

Far too often in the past


Maybe it’s me

Because these beads of perspiration are not from disregard

But they are the manifestation

Of the tenacity in my concentration

When focused on me


I choose to stay missing

Though easily seen

My words remain reserved

Because gossip breeds the judgment of others

And that is not my bridge to cross

Nor will it be my cross to bear

Because I choose conversation that promotes elevation

And for that reason my words I do not spare


What you can’t own gives you unrest

And I wouldn’t dare to leave you grieving

So excuse me for inhaling the same air that you’ve been breathing

And it’s okay

Don’t bother getting up

Because I was just leaving


Copyright © 2014 by Daryl R. Gaines. All rights reserved







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am who I am. Take it or leave it. Love me or hate me. Either way I'm through justifying the essence of me. Only God can judge me

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You've expressed yourself so

You've expressed yourself so well and haven't missed anything. I have been in this place, worked very hard to make informed decisions about whether i wanted to grow beyond it, or grow into acceptance of it and shine irregardlessly. I first had to discern what "shine" meant to me. Did it mean shining for others? Or shining for myself and my purpose? For me, it means shining for the purpose of my life and how every bit of my experiences can help another. So i have, with much careful discernment, arrived at a point where i weigh the pros and cons of a given situation, and make a choice based upon those pros and cons. I know i will make mistakes...that is unimportant to me, as mistakes are not only inevitable, but necessary in life, but for me, the decision i have made to accept that people will be people has freed me in many ways, and i know who my real friends are. I believe this is an individual choice that is different for everyone...but truly, the world does not care about anyone's "feelings". It moves on, ruthlessly and without concern, and we must run to "catch the train bus or plane" that will carry us through to accomplish our soul's purpose in this life. 


Your poem is deepp and really well expressed. Thank you for writing. :-)




...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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thanks so much for taking the

thanks so much for taking the time and for writing such an extensive review. really appreciate it