Somewhere between light and dark 
falls the shadow ever lurking
twixt the fairness due impart
born of jealous sultry night
stunning shudders creep in full
to stop the pitch of blackness
dripping from the moon.
 Dawns glorious dagger appears
to slay once more the perils 
spilling the bloody death of night
o'er hill and dale alike 
heralding daybreak 
the survivor by 
way of hue lit dews
bejeweled upon her crown.
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supposed to be symbolic of the sun battling the moon for it s turn to Shine.

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Every line

Every line is image filled on its own...Stop the pitch of blackness dripping from the moon...

I was so wrapped in the words I failed to get the story line I love words just for the words so I read it again and again till i saw the sun split the sky

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your reply was poetic in itself...thanks for the view and sorry for the late reply.

i value your insights

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interesting write. x

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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I suppose

it means differvent things to different people.

maybe it’s utter rubbish and has no meaning at all.

i happen to love utter rubbish..

it spews out of me like a hot desert spring.