useless endeavours.

Death and Life

In death I trust, in life I lust,


Sweet sorrow shall hold us close,

To bitter joy we are betroth.

Thy name, thy name I call again.

As thoughtless crows peck thy brain.


Deaf eyes, blind ears, fail to heed,

No words of hope or joy take seed,

On dusty grounds choked by weed and vine,

Fight shall I through gnarled root and thorny twine.


To reach the hidden light inside, 

Where devils danced and angels cried.

To cast out shadows, that do dwell,

 Personal demons thy must quell.


For future frollicks and joyous jaunts,

Shall be no more, if forevermore marred by haunts.

On feet and elbows I shall crawl,

Pointless endeavours won't break the thrall. 


So anger swells this useless mind,

Feeble attempts to pass the time.

Will does falter, drowned by thy dry seas,

To rise again or stay bent and beat on raw knees?


What end you ask for she and I?

I will try, will try,

Will try and die.


For death is my fear, she fails to hold life dear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well I have never written a poem before except at school. Never even had an incling to write one. But last night I watched Coriolanus and although I can't say I understood a lot of what was said, Shakespeare had such a way with words that it seemed to have infected my mind. All these random phrases started going through my head and then they started rhyming and taking on a shape that made me think of a person in my life. So I thought I'd write them down and see what I thought in the morning. Sadly the most the better lines were gone from my mind before I could write them down but this is my attempt at putting my thoughts and feelings about a certain someone into a poem. 

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