I saw these two trees on the beach…the two closest to the shore…

that was nothing new, however, I had seen these trees before.


But this morning they seemed different…

as I watched the sun above the horizon peek…

it seemed to me they were also watching the sun…

and they were standing cheek to cheek.


If I didn’t know any better…

Wait! I don’t know any better!

So here’s what I was thinking of….

Those two trees up ahead of me…

I wondered…could they be in love?


We know that trees communicate…

that they can be damaged and can heal…

but have you ever wondered if a tree can think…

if it has the ability to feel?


From within their branches and their leaves

is it possible for love to grow?

Until we learn to speak their language…we’ll probably never know.


Can two trees fall in love?

I don’t know if that was ever in the Creator’s plan…

but as Deborah and I shared that sunrise with them….

I like to think they can.

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If I could choose one type of love for two people to share that would allow them throughout their life together to be happy…to rejoice…one love above all others…

then tree love would be my choice.


Tree love begins when two seeds of love are planted together…how it happens…no one really knows…but once planted side-by-side, like two trees, their love begins to grow.


They grow so close together their limbs are always touching and anyone who sees them understands the love they share between them…as they’re forever holding hands.


Individually they are independent and wonderful but together…each other they enhance…

Watch them in the wind…see how beautifully they dance.


Watch them weather any storm together…watch them feel each other’s pain…watch them share their joy and laughter watch them play out in the rain.


Watch if one tree teeters in the wind or a sudden summer squall…how the other tree is there to catch them…and will not let them fall.


Watch if one tree is filled with sorrow…is ever nervous or afraid…how the other tree is there with arms outstretched to offer the comfort of its shade.


Watch how there is no jealousy between them…no feeling they have to hide…if one tree is taller or more colorful than the other…there is only delight…and joy…and pride.


Watch how, no matter how old and wrinkled they become…they remain young in their hearts…and how their roots have grown so intertwined they can’t be pulled apart.


The road to joy and happiness…that’s an easy choice for me…

Yes, if I could choose one path to true love…then tree love it would be.

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He loved to sit in the shade of his tree

for years that is what he would do…

never for a moment giving much thought


to how how the tree was loving it too.

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