I saw these two trees on the beach…the two closest to the shore…

that was nothing new, however, I had seen these trees before.


But this morning they seemed different…

as I watched the sun above the horizon peek…

it seemed to me they were also watching the sun…

and they were standing cheek to cheek.


If I didn’t know any better…

Wait! I don’t know any better!

So here’s what I was thinking of….

Those two trees up ahead of me…

I wondered…could they be in love?


We know that trees communicate…

that they can be damaged and can heal…

but have you ever wondered if a tree can think…

if it has the ability to feel?


From within their branches and their leaves

is it possible for love to grow?

Until we learn to speak their language…we’ll probably never know.


Can two trees fall in love?

I don’t know if that was ever in the Creator’s plan…

but as Deborah and I shared that sunrise with them….

I like to think they can.

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In answer to your question..

In answer to your question 
You don't have to guess 

Can trees fall in love?

The answer is yes


There were two orange trees

Standing in a grove

One said to the other

'Wanna fall in love?'


The other tree said

'I'd be willing to give it a try 

It sounds great, but my answer's no

Here's the reason why'


You said 'Wanna fall in love?'

You see I'm hot, hot as a stove

Don't you know you should've used a word 

A word that rhymes with 'grove'?


What the hell's the matter with you?

With you, won't waste my time

I can't be with someone

Who doesn't know a poem must rhyme!




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Creative, original

..and full of your wonderful imagination. Not an unhealthy thought to have, at the least. How they do dance together, in the breeze. ; )