As we walk upon the Earth 

under the sky 

among the trees

as we listen to the animals

or the waves upon the seas


As she awakens in the early morning 

or in the evening when she’s sleeping

there is so much about nature we do not know

so many secrets she is keeping.


She understands about balance

about beauty

about grace…

How everything in this world has value

has a place.


She truly understand what it means to be alive

and how only by working together will we continue to survive…


I only hope as we walk upon this Earth 

under the sky 

among the trees

as we listen to the animals

or the waves upon the seas 


she will one day share her secrets with us

and we, with great acclaim…

will smile with the knowledge


our world will never be the same

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All and nothing

If I told you,

What I know,

Could you hold it,

In blocked up ears?

Would you hear it,

And let it go?

Or would there be other crawling ears,

That dance delightfully at hidden views?

Whispering reeds with open mouths,

Echo roundly.

Suffocate your tongue,

A secret shared,

Is now naked not fared,

And there will be no stone,

To crawl back under.

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For Daisy

Shy and anxious 

But that's just you

I like you no matter what you do



Your nickname

Why would I say your name on here?

It's because I respect you


Were far apart

I'm unable to see you

But that's okay

Because I always think about how I'm going to meet you


Oh, those sorrow days

Depression hit me

When you went away


Jealous and possesive

That's actually me

Sorry for being this way

But I'm sure you didn't see


Quiet and sad

That was you

Sorry that I couldn't do anything about it

I felt so stupid too


Laying in the field

Alone and aware

When the bell rang

I just stood there and stared


Kissing your scars

"Please don't go far."

I guess I was wrong

Because you moved along


You weren't aware of how much I cared

At least I didn't think you were

Because you would stop and stare


I was afraid of you getting bored of me

So sometimes I avoided you

I'm sorry for doing that

As it came to hurt you


Suicidal Feelings

Sleepless nights starting at the ceiling

Sicked thoughts

My life is just in a knot


Getting blamed for stuff I didn't do

Crying and crying because of it

"Don't worry, I'm sensitive too."



I love you.

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Be silent... be still...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Goes the sound of my beating heart,

Pounding in my chest like a marching drum.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Be silent....

Be still....


Delegate! Properiate! Flume!

My mind is swirling, whirring,

rapid conudrum,

Zwoom! Zwoom! Zwoom!

Be silent...

Be still....


Tap-Tap! Tap-Tap! Tap-Tap!

The cement my feet do clap,

In their hurried pace,

Be silent...

Be still...


Nerves unended,

Heart is bounding high,

Sent my life a soaring,

Too scared to breathe,

For I may die.

Be silent...

Be still...


One longing touching,

One hopeful stare...

Be silent..

Be still...


My heart...

Oh my heart...

Be silent...

Be still..

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Lights are low

Cast red ember reflections on

And in pupils of eyes.

 Always muggy, sweaty – a pressure

In the air.

Breathless, gasping for

Diamond shapes in stockings

Glitter on their eyelids.

An elevated self-confidence in

Their strides.

A few hours, one night only.

A week.

For silhouettes of testosterone

On silver poles and shiny

For musty men

Thinking nothing only, only

(Children back at home,

dark black bedrooms).

In their element

Down the notes fall

And tuck themselves into bras,

Or thongs.

Rent money

Lost and rent money gained

A circle of life and motion

Of ass.

Round like pearls

Trapped here in the name of



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had an urge to write about strippers or strip clubs, probably because Pyramids by Frank Ocean was playing in the background. I get fascinated when I try to imagine what that environment might feel like, to the people that work there and to those that go (and why they do). Personally, pole dancing amazes me and I admire the women who just go out there and do expose themselves so confidently.

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