Be silent... be still...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Goes the sound of my beating heart,

Pounding in my chest like a marching drum.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Be silent....

Be still....


Delegate! Properiate! Flume!

My mind is swirling, whirring,

rapid conudrum,

Zwoom! Zwoom! Zwoom!

Be silent...

Be still....


Tap-Tap! Tap-Tap! Tap-Tap!

The cement my feet do clap,

In their hurried pace,

Be silent...

Be still...


Nerves unended,

Heart is bounding high,

Sent my life a soaring,

Too scared to breathe,

For I may die.

Be silent...

Be still...


One longing touching,

One hopeful stare...

Be silent..

Be still...


My heart...

Oh my heart...

Be silent...

Be still..

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Blood Rush

But what about when you just want to remember that kiss, you know the one. . .You move in slowly, heads dancing one way then another, sizing each other up, me darting in to take your mouth with mine. Melding against you with my soft lips as I press your body into me, strong arms pulling you close. The sort of kiss where time seems to disappear and all you think of is my mouth against yours, your body melting into mine, hands unconsciously gripping my back tighter and tighter. . .shirt balling up in your fists. My left hand - a fist full of your hair, bringing your mouth close and tight to mine, the strong fingers of my right hand gripping your ass, parting your silken lips. The slight sucking feeling inside you as your sweet pussy opens, labia sticky with the honey of your growing lust. 

Mmmm. Our tongues meet and wage sensual war, I can't help but moan at the taste of your mouth on mine, how you open for me, your hunger a mirror of mine own. My fist in your hair tightens, the moan in you escapes into my mouth, making my throbbing need for you jerk, fighting the restraint of my boxer-briefs. 

My right hand, drawing smooth nails down your back, pulling you hard against me as my lips slide to plant a slow, hot kiss against your left cheek, corner of your jaw, behind your ear, wetly down the side of your neck, using my full lips to perfection. Lips find the top of your shoulder just before my teeth. Your gasp is equal parts surprise and pleasure as your mouth hungrily finds my neck, working your way up to taking my earlobe in your mouth, your hot breath filling my mind with a fuzzy haze as your tongue darts in, my eyes flutter behind closed eyelids as I lean into your mouth.

Both hands are down the back of your leggings, strong fingers gripping you, kneading and pulling your hips into me. You feel the hard heat of me inside my underwear. Muscles clench deep and low, as you imagine the weight of me, even now pulsing against you, as I work myself deep inside you. 

Time gels and slows, as I hungrily take your mouth again. Slowly, lips meeting - melding, mouths opening and tongues dancing, electric-blue flames burning. My sudden growl vibrates in your throat, lust resonating, filling you with the echoes of primal need. Leaning down, gripping you as I hoist you up, your mouth devouring me as I take you back into my room. 

Falling to the bed, your legs a warm constriction around me as I pin your hands above your head. Pulling back far enough to look in to your gorgeous, intelligent eyes. You dart your mouth up, trying to catch me as I dodge you with a dangerous smirk. 

Left hand restraining both yours, my first slow kiss finds your third eye and I linger there, then to each eye as they're shut, left and right, then the tip of your nose. . .the weight of me pushes your head into the bed as I claim your mouth once more. Your resulting whimper makes the hunger in me howl amidst its wilderness of primordial trees, the sound echoing across the silent vastness, a clarion call to the lost, the starved and forsaken. 

Left fist clenched in the back of your hair, I pull you to the right as my mouth finds your ear. Sharp teeth, the pain/pleasure - heat lightning down your spine as I take your earlobe in the heat of my mouth. Your little gasp as I slowly bite down, the warm blankness of your mind as I exhale raggedly into your ear, filling you with the heat of my breath. Mouth and teeth hungrily find the right side of your neck, teeth leaving stinging warmth in a trail down your skin.

Pushing back abruptly, I grab your legs and twist, turning you over onto your back. Seeing your sexy ass taunt me inside those leggings. . .another purring growl rumbles past my lips. Your body clenches in expectation. . .in anticipation. Knees straddling you on either side of your ass, the muscles of my arms hard against your shoulders and arms as I lean forward. You feel my breath hotly against the small hairs on the back of your neck, the little shiver that slides like icy heat down your spine. I bury my face in the back of your hair, inhaling the scent and warmth of you. Lips work down the back of your neck, tongue leaving spots of teasing wetness. Trail established, I gently blow on the wet marks I've left. Your arms and thighs prickle with goosebumps. 

Pussy so wet you'll make my mouth a mess with the sweetness of you. 

Rolling to your left, I pull you over on your side, right hand strong on your hip. Left hand clenched in your hair as I arch your head back, hungry mouth finding the right side of your neck again. Right hand sliding down the front of your leggings. Slowly sliding across the stubble of your bush, ever downward. Fingers flush with your skin, pulling at you, making Spock proud as they spread open just at your clit, forming a V a I slide down to the sides of your hungry, wet opening, ever tantalizing. . so very close. The wet heat of you makes my breath come harder, faster. Fingers gripping. . .opening, spreading you. Rubbing you unfairly against your sodden leggings as I slowly draw my fingers up your body, pulling you achingly open. 

Once my right hand is free of your waistband, I roll you onto your stomach. With both hands I yank your leggings down to your knees. Both strong hands spread your ass, opening you to my hungry gaze. The velvety soft pinkness of you makes my mouth water. 

Knowing for the next 45 minutes that you're mine, makes my cock wet and painfully hard. 

I blow a slow, slow breath across the aching heat of your open pussy. Your asshole quivers and you shudder. Fearing it may be cold, my hot tongue slowly begins circling the tight circumference of you, mmmm what a naughty little slut you. As my tongue begins to explore your asshole you gasp and involuntarily thrust your hips back, trying to take me deeper. My tongue darts in to spread you as I work at you with the tip, wet thumb sliding down the slick surface of your quivering pussy. Sliding down and down, gliding up, teasing you with idea of parting you. Lightly sliding across your growing need, finding the sticky pebble of your clit, working at you as your work your hips against my tongue. 

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