Post Traumatic Stress


sounds of post traumatic stress


Constant state

of duress


Unerving lights

of blinding


A toxic environment

of mental torture


Head aches and






Harassment of

the soul



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Corinthians 6:19


My body is a temple.

It's covered in graffiti.

Some drunk man is pissing on it.

The stone walls are somehow rotting.

It smells of cheap alcohol,

And dried blood.

It is disgusting.

I am disgusting.


Do you not know your body is a temple of the not so holy spirit?

The one that shows you memories

Memories of how you were broken

Memories of how you didn't matter

Mmeories of how he touched you

Memories you thought you had forgotten

Memories too awful for any adult,

That you lived when you were just a kid.


Did I deserve it?

Is this what God wanted from me?

Or was this Satan?

Using me,

Getting inside of me,

Corrupting my body forever.

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