Mind Business

~ Mind Business ~
Sit down, and See, son,
life is not about fun,
more so, money and time,
getting you a clear mind
and making you Blind
behind your skull rind,
‘cause you have an imbalance to be sorted
then distorted
by trial and error
until you’ve snorted
Away the cares
and become less Aware.

just to Be Clear,
that’s why We’re Here.
We Mined Your Business.
Dig You Up,
Sell you Out,
no Need To Shout
About which Side it Effects
or your insecure shit,
deal with it.

We’re Just Doing Business.

We got what you need,
you silly fiends,
We prescribe
- Dope to the mean
- Oxy to sinners
- Serious by tonins
and of course
we Endorph
Running on Wheels!
Please Enjoy the Feels!

Stay seated
Try to smile, be idle
For awhile
Until your next dose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Psychiatric medicine has gotten out of control. Trial and error is not a safe, effective treatment plan. We're expected to DOSE and STFU! ~ Carmello Yello

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Somewhere October 21, 2012

Somewhere October 21, 2012

Somewhere, somehow
These memories pains me so
Harder to breathe
“Let it go” they say
But it ain’t that easy
“Learn from your mistakes”
There are unresolved questions
“Move on”
How can I?
Repression: both a gift and curse
Diagnosis: Major Depressive Disorder
“They’re mistaken”
Research shows it’s Autism.
Specifically, Asperger’s

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem written from personal experiences and research (lots of it) To people with disabilities: hang in there