Productive Day

Time flies by,

Like a rocket in the sky,

Death approaches slowly,

Like the sea-waves calmly!


Yet the endeavour,

To attain something ever,

Be there in the psyche,

Each day productive should be.



Enthuse yourself and others as you live,


Giving in is not life, living is to survive!

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Productive Member

Listen intently,
it’s all you know.

The cool, black anthracite
stares at me with eyes of dust.
This must be torture for you.

Your perverseness fuels violence,
catalyzed by ignorance.
Together, we spiral downward
toward servitude for a-greater-cause,
one of greed and desire,
ambition for power.

Suppositions of support for the substantial
masses of minimality musters avidity to
strangle strong necks, striving to be something,
when we, ultimately, ARE everything.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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