We are brought up to believe…it gets imprinted on our brain

that perfection is an ideal to strive for…but one we often can’t attain.


Then one day we become a little wiser and begin to think a different way

We see our life is filled with perfect moments

perfect nights

and perfect days.


Yes, once we have matured

once we grow a little older

we realize the idea of perfection…

is in the eye of the beholder.


This means we don’t have to see eye to eye 

our planets don’t need to align…

for you are free to find your own perfection

and I’m free to find mine.


Perhaps this is how it’s meant to be

the way the creator designed it

That perfection be more personal…more private

and it’s up to us to find it.


Which means…much to our amazement…

to our wonder…and surprise

we can to see perfection once we open up our eyes.


What makes this all the more special

is…no matter who we are

If we want to find perfection

We don’t have to travel very far.

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When I sit and watch TV I am bombarded by perfection…

Everybody has bright white teeth and a silky smooth complexion.


They live in enormous houses in the country or by the shore

all decorated by the finest designers in luxurious decors.


They drive cars with foreign names meant to thrill, amaze…astound

and when not behind the wheel they have a chauffeur who drives them all around.


But when the show is over I look around and always smile at what I see

knowing my life does not quite match the one on my TV


When I look into my mirror I often have to pause

because the body and complexion I see…have their share of flaws..


The house Deborah and I live in has never given us reason to complain

even though the laundry room remains unfinished and our street floods in the rain.


Our car is nice but is not the kind that will easily astound…

and there is no chauffeur waiting…who will drive us both around…


But I’ve come to realize something about perfection as I’ve grown a little older

Perfection, a lot like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder.


Yesterday we had lunch with some of our grandchildren and once again I was shown

despite its imperfections…how splendid my life has grown.


Like all families we’ve had our ups and downs…

as our family constantly transforms…

But together we have ridden those highs and weathered every storm.


For the most part everyone in our family is happy

For the most part we are healthy…

As I sat with our grandchildren yesterday I had to wonder…

How did I get so wealthy?


My life might not be TV perfect…but….I am happy to admit


my real world life is perfect…at least from where I sit.

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As parents…regular and grand we’ve come to understand

We live a life of schedules…where so much of it is planned.


Yet with our aging eyes we still can recognize

moments of perfection…when they arise.


To us it is quite clear…with friends and family near

we need to enjoy these moments…before they disappear.


Our youngest grandchildren came to stay…one night while their parents were away

and we were amazed how many moments of perfection came our way…


Picking up the two…once their day at school was through

singing songs with the radio like we used to do.


To the music we ‘got down’…(do people still say ‘getting down?)

a breezy ride in our golf cart…then a walk downtown.


It seemed just like a dream…we watched the full moon gleam

we played Wii games…ate tacos and ice cream.


Like we did when they were small…we watched a movie…we were enthralled

knowing why…still wondering…when did they get so tall?


Now seeing eye to eye…with a simple hug goodbye

we smiled at our good fortune and we sighed…


Because here’s another thing…learned on the back of life’s fleeting wings

perfection can be found in the simplest of things.


This is why we understand…though different for every woman…every man


these perfect moments…we need to catch them when we can.

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When you take a walk in nature…you discover wonderful creations

And you realize perfection is in constant transformation.


Take today for instance…everywhere we walked we could feel a connection.

You might say this morning’s walk was one of sheer perfection.


The sun was peeking from behind the clouds…the clouds scattering to make room…

The birds were singing back and forth…the azaleas in bloom


A tiny tree frog crossed our path…heading only he knows where.

A cool breeze wafted through the trees…the smell of jasmine in the air.


When we reached the water we looked up…the ospreys high above us soared

An old man walking all alone…drawing hearts upon the shore.


Fiddler crabs scurrying speedily back into their little caves

Mullets jumping out of the water where the ripples meet the waves.


Egrets and Ibises using their beaks as if they were their hands

searching for their breakfast…in the water…on the land.


As we headed home I spotted a rose and gently bent to smell it…

I would mention the bougainvillea…but I don’t now how to spell it!


Just before reaching our house…a ladybug, on my shoulder…stopped to play…

It was a perfect beginning…to another perfect day.


Yes, we never know when we step out…what wonders will awake…

Which is why we look forward to tomorrow…


to see what form perfection takes.