Life moves so very fast…moments with our children and grandchildren do not last

We know it happens but we find it hard to understand…

Where did those moments goes…how time both ebbs and flows

for it seems like only yesterday we held them in our hands.


Then all of a sudden…before we know…somehow…they grow…and grow…

And all at once they are standing up…then walking 

Then as odd as it must sound…we all but turned around

in the next instant they have started talking.


Then once again time flies… because we only blink our eyes

and when we open them our children have turned five

then ten, then twelve, then fifteen…we wonder where the time went in between

and when did they become old enough to drive?


And again we look around…and before us…you have found

something that causes us to groan…

Although it’s easy to conceive..,it’s still hard to believe

they are now adults and living on their own.


Now, with their families they come to visit…and it is exquisite 

how some will travel near…some travel far

and as in the door they wander…you have to stop and ponder

when did our grandchildren become taller than we are?


And our age we’re now dismissing as we sit there reminiscing

telling them stories and trying to make them understand

How time has flown away…because it was only yesterday…

when we were sitting here 


holding them in your hands.

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