John Lennon wrote Imagine, his biggest hit, back in 1971

It’s a good time to revisit it now that a new year has begun.


As one year ends it’s human nature to look back on the world we see

then look ahead and try to Imagine the world as we’d like it to be.


I believe when we look back on this year, when we take the time to review it

so much of what we got out of the year depends on how we view it.


We had natural disasters, people going hungry, social and political unrest.

We saw people dying in wars, on our streets, and many others oppressed.


But when we concentrate only on the horrors, the wars, the crimes and the crooks,

then the joys, the triumphs, and the laughter we tend to overlook.


The world I like to Imagine is brimming with balance and symmetry

where people embrace their differences and live together in harmony.


I Imagine a world no longer filled with hungry girls and boys

where we look our sorrows in the face and out of them discover joys.


Of course you may say I’m a dreamer, but that’s okay with me

because as far as I’m concerned, I’m in good company.


In every story of disaster when we wonder how anyone could cope,..

we saw people helping people, sharing friendships, giving hope.


For every story of prejudice and bigotry, amidst the sadness and despairing

we found stories of acceptance, of respect and love and caring.


For ever robbery, every crime, every time one person’s cheated

somewhere in the world a random act of kindness is completed.


For every divorce in this world, every relationship transformed

a new love is created…a marriage is performed.


For every death that sends ripples of sorrow out across the Earth

there are ripples of joy that emanate from a newborn baby’s birth.


For every country fighting wars, for every bomb they may release

there are people coming together in the name of unity and peace.


Of course I hope the sadness and misfortune decline in the coming year

but that won’t stop me from discovering the joys already here.


A new year where people discover joy, and love is where it’s at.

where the world would live as one…in peace...Yes, I can imagine that.


A note: 

If you think this poem accurately captures our current political and world scene….

you should know I first posted it back in 2014.


But I will keep imagining the type of world I’d like to see…

with the hope that this year…this decade…it will come to be.





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My New Years resolutions were never anything to write home about

they usually involved losing weight, giving up smoking…you know…the traditional route


But I have never smoked and on most days I am happy with my weight

so a new list of resolutions it behooves me to create:


I resolve to tread a little softer, to walk barefoot on the Earth

to remind myself every animal, 

every little thing that grows 

every creation has its worth. 


I resolve to walk a little slower…no matter how fast time moves around me

to find the joy and beauty and the wonder in all things that surround me.


I resolve to watch a few more sunsets, more waterfalls…

to watch a few more rivers flow

and to be a little kinder to those I do not know.


I resolve to be a little quieter…to while more time away

to listen to the birds, the trees, the wind…

and to what other people have to say.


I resolve to sing

to dance

to smile

to laugh a little more

to be a better person this year than I was the year before…


Hey, who knows if I can fulfill these resolutions…

these new guidelines I’m invoking

I’ll have more time to gain some weight…


perhaps I’ll take up smoking.

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