My New Years resolutions were never anything to write home about

they usually involved losing weight, giving up smoking…you know…the traditional route


But I have never smoked and on most days I am happy with my weight

so a new list of resolutions it behooves me to create:


I resolve to tread a little softer, to walk barefoot on the Earth

to remind myself every animal, 

every little thing that grows 

every creation has its worth. 


I resolve to walk a little slower…no matter how fast time moves around me

to find the joy and beauty and the wonder in all things that surround me.


I resolve to watch a few more sunsets, more waterfalls…

to watch a few more rivers flow

and to be a little kinder to those I do not know.


I resolve to be a little quieter…to while more time away

to listen to the birds, the trees, the wind…

and to what other people have to say.


I resolve to sing

to dance

to smile

to laugh a little more

to be a better person this year than I was the year before…


Hey, who knows if I can fulfill these resolutions…

these new guidelines I’m invoking

I’ll have more time to gain some weight…


perhaps I’ll take up smoking.

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