Heavy Metal

I hate and Love Metal

I listen to alot of evil

satanic music (Death metal, black metal)

that goes against

what I believe


I hate the devil

with all my soul

heart and mind


I hate the vast majority

of these evil demonic lyrics


I enjoy the brutal guitar riffs,

but despise the message


I find myself in a contradiction

of good and evil


A Christian listening to evil

satanic music


It does educate me on the ways

of the enemy and it only fuels

my hatred of it



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un-metal poser



its all about the image


How many cds, tshirts you have

and how long your hair is


About how well you can mosh in the pit,

about how many tatoos you have 


Completely missing the point of what metal is

by conforming to the stereotypes


Vain materialism,

fake metal. 


Nothing more then,

Glam Metal


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Death Metal is supposed to be about not giving a fuck and being brutal, not about being a queer.

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Even God Is Mortal

He moved Heaven Hell and Earth at break neck speed. His snarl alone would smite the non believers. The rumblings of a bass guitar caused a big bang. Euphoric fans in the thousands moving convulsively causing a

great flood. For 40 years we saw God and we saw him bring Thunder. A book of revelations in the form of records. A tree of life and a tree of knowledge in the form of song. Leather clad disciples spreading the gospel

of rawkus loud Rock N' Roll. I've taken Holy communion in the form of weed and Jack Daniels. Your body your blood. All done in remembrance of you. But you never promised us a Heaven Or Hell you never promised

eternal life not even for yourself. But you promised passionate Rock N' Roll at break neck speeds. For that we are grateful. Even Lemmy a God can be killed by death.



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