I saw him before I saw her…(I believe she was holding the door.)

There was a far away look in his eyes as he shuffled his feet on the floor.


I felt a twinge of sorrow for him as he slowly labored past

Each step seemed so difficult…more challenging than the last.


I saw her next when she caught up to him and I thought how nothing could compare

with the smile on her face as she helped him to his chair.


She fixed his hair, she straightened his clothes with an ease, a tenderness…a grace

and as she tended to his every need that smile never left her face.


I did not know this couple whom I assumed were man and wife

but as I watched them endure the ravages of age I imagined younger moments in their life.


The moment hey first met, when they fell in love…when they lived in younger skin

I imagined them with friends and family…imagined all the places they had been…


A lifetime spent in love together was not difficult to surmise

I saw it in the gentleness of her touch…and in the sparkle of her eyes.


When our eyes met for a moment I saw how her smile was masking her pain

and I thought how the more her husband slips away…the more her love remains.


I believe when we happen upon one another…even momentarily in a day

from every brief encounter…we take something away.


It may be a look…a smile…a glance…a gesture from afar

that finds it’s way into our heart and reshapes who we are.


As I left my brief encounter and walked to my car in a misty rain

I thought about that moment…about how she smiled through her pain…


and though there was a hint of sadness as I drove home by the sea

it wasn’t her sadness…it was her love…I took away with me.


A love so beautiful…so everlasting…so quietly proclaimed

It made me smile when I thought of it…

knowing I’d never be the same.



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She said how happy she has been with him

then asked 

if he was happy too…

He smiled.

I’ve fallen in love many times in my life, he answered…

and every time…


with you.

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One never knows if they’ll be blessed with true love…it shows up in the oddest places…

but when they are it is forever etched in the smiles on their faces…


I was on my Facebook the other day…watching different stories scrolling by

when an older couple…dancing…happened to catch my eye.


They were smiling…holding hands…both adorned in the color blue

It turns out she is 90 years old…while he is 92.


They were celebrating their anniversary amid their family’s laughter, joy and cheers…

celebrating with a polka dance…as they have for 68 years.


Celebrating how even after 68 years…life continues to improve

and showing after 68 years…how they’ve still got all the moves.


But it wasn’t the dancing I was drawn to…although I must admit I was impressed

It was the feeling that I had of how their life was blessed.


Blessed for 68 years watching sunsets in the evening…then in the morning rise

68 years of happiness…right before their eyes…


And I felt blessed to find this couple…on Facebook of all places…

And as they danced the Polka…I saw it….

true love 


forever etched upon their faces…

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On their morning walk the other day the wife said something that perked up her husband’s ears

She asked if he realized they’d been taking these walks for almost 30 years.


And it got the husband to thinking of all the wonders they’ve seen in 30 years.

All the moments shared together…all the laughter, joy and tears…


30 years watching the neighborhood change…as people come and go

30 years getting caught in the rain…but never in the snow.


30 years of sunrises…each one a new surprise.

30 years of clouds and colors stretching endlessly across the sky.


30 years walking to the water…listening to the birds…smelling the morning air

30 years of dolphins, pelicans and eagles…waiting for them there.


30 years of watching people change…as they made this walk each day.

30 years of friends who have passed…while others moved away.


30 years watching their children grow…and then their grandchildren too.

30 years watching their lives unfold and relishing the view.


30 years noticing how they too have changed…how they now move a little slow

30 years of aches and pains and wrinkles…nonexistent 30 years ago.


30 years of walking…sharing hopes and dreams and fears…

And the husband wondered how it went so fast…these amazing 30 years.


Then he turned…saw his wife’s smile…and instantly…he knew

She was the reason for his 30 years of wonder…

She made each walk seem brand new.


And when the wife saw the husband’s smile

to herself she whispered his name

for as she thought about the last 30 years

she couldn’t help but feel the same.




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