The Nature

Like in a wonderful dream
You can fly with the beautiful birds!
As a gifted writer you create your unrepeatable song,
Which contains many vital and remarkable words;
All about that we travel so far and so long,
And we have to be brave and we have to be strong
For in order to pass through your rapid stream.
Only You, not the kings neither majestic lords
Can provide us with the warmth of sunbeam!


You're full of endowments which we'll never possess;
Full of love, full of light, full of grace!
And although, we all strive to achieve your success,
We're destined to have second place.


With your power and might you will stay side by side,
And we ask for your fair permission
To continue here our mission,
And to have your so valuable guide.


Call the children of Earth with the pride of an eagle!
Gather them for in order to give
All the beautiful answers, which can solve any riddle;
They should know that the Nature wants us to live!




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By: Anomynous Poet


Her words can see mine 

Magnifying their draw 

Like kindred spirits 

That call for more moments of solidarity. 

I want our surroundings 

To match her mind's might, 

In mountaneous terrains or 

Steep valleys whose vicissitudes 

Even hold the most beautiful beauty. 

I wanna get lost with you 

In every possible realm 

To explore and find ourselves together 

Experience that intensity 

That'll cause power trips into 

Different levels of consciousness but 

Don't worry I don't want to awaken from her. 

My mind wanders but it still has an embrace on her, 

My heart skips but but it won't ever race from her. 

Nature is our feul, 

You'd be surprised how much more I can say in its silence. 

We should become one with with it 

Even though we already are physically but 

Dammit that's the most common form of intimacy. 

Instead I want to caress your mind with gentle winds and 

Fight your demons with the perfect storm. 

Nature happens and is inevitable, 


So I hope that gives you something to look forward to.

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Find greatness.

Remember the very first time you climbed that wall you were SO afraid to,

Some times we have such a hard time reaching out because of pain,

All the right people tell the things to climb higher, while others just say boo,

Well, just because some one said no, that should never stop you, never be in vain.


Remeber that very first shock of electricity of excitement just believing in things you could have,

What it felt like to dream of all the beautiful things you could do or experience out there,

What stopped you from running your hands threw the water and screaming cause of the brave,

Every one wants to reach dreams of what they could be out in the world no matter where.


Everyone finds happiness where they don't expect to find where they expected to find it,

Always remember to never let go of that feeling, to be noticed or simply recognized wisely,

Every one deserves a chance to fulfill dreams they desire, the things they believe in every bit,

Standing above every little problem you have, that amazing feeling of being in control Risingly.


Finaly found a part of something that makes my mind wander from all the dizzy pain I get stuck with,

Wash it all away bearing a huge smile like lillies, or roses; every flower has its meanings, find yours to shine,

Roses are red but so are blushes, wild flowers give nice smiles but what you love makes you shine brightest.

Find that special something that makes you happy, don't live in pain; every one deserves to feel appreciated and devine,

let the things go that make your heart feel any loniness; start letting all the greatness into your life and embrace every tug of the rift.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For every one who needs a smile! :)

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