3 girls grow up in a neighborhood…brought together by the hands of fate

too innocent to know back then the breadth of the friendship they’d create.


Three girls now 3 good friends…spending the best part of their childhood

laughing and running and playing together…through the streets of their neighborhood .


Three girls…now three adults…older…more mature

knowing no matter where life takes them…their friendship will endure.


Three girls…now older ladies…who, after marriages and motherhood,

rekindled the magic of that friendship they formed in childhood.


Three women…who, when they get together, somehow seem to glow

in the beauty of a friendship created all those years ago..


For is there anything more beautiful than 3 women enjoying the present… 

appreciative of the friendship they’ve amassed

and looking forward to a future 


held together by the past?

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Why is it when we walk alone and as we round another bend

oftentimes we cannot wait for the road ahead to end…


But when we walk that same road and we are joined by friends

Why is it, as we walk together,


we don’t want that road to end?

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I was thinking about my friends other day…and got to wondering…

here’s the thing…

I have a friend who loves to dance…and one who loves to sing


I have a friend I’ve known most of my life…and another I’ve recently met…

I have a friend who dislikes animals and another who surrounds herself with pets.


I have a friend who loves ice cream…another who only eats cake

I have a friend who hates the sight of reptiles and another who loves her snakes.


I have a friends who is an artist…another who isn’t but loves to draw

I have a friend who is a doctor and one who practices law….


I have a friend who loves the beach…she loves the weather when it’s hotter

I have a friend who loves the cold and won’t go near the water.


Yes, as I count my diverse friendships…I realize with pride

that I have many people in my life Im honored to stand beside….


So here’s the thing I was wondering…how many of us truly comprehend

how lucky we are to begin even one sentence with the words…


I have a friend…

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We keep old books upon our shelves revisiting our favorite story lines

We love to watch old movies…and drink a fine old bottle of wine…


Our old jeans are our favorite…we fit in them with ease….

and we cherish our old friendships with their host of memories.


When we see old friends approaching…our heart seems to ascend…

for how wonderful to be embraced by the arms our old friends.


We sit and laugh and reminisce….of other times…of other days

and before we know it we’re young again…time has all but slipped away.


We spend the evening remembering…retelling stories we already know…

The evening, like life, flies by quickly…where does…where did…time go?


And when it’s time to say goodbye…we’re sad this moment ends

as once again we are embraced by the arms of our old friends…


And that embrace will have to last…until such time as when….


we all come back together…and old friends embrace again.

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We went to the beach to visit old friends…

up the Florida coat we were led.

We walked along shores that never end…

“It’s so beautiful here”, we said.


The sand, the sun, the breeze, the sea

all with the ability to entice…

caused Deborah to lean over and whisper to me…

“Could this be paradise?”


We watched their Vizslas run to and fro

jumping in and out of the sea

We sat together remembering a time not so long ago

when we ran as innocent and free.


We sat around the campfire

as daylight faded to black

with friends we both admire…

telling stores…looking back.


While watching colors light the sky

As the sun set in the west

we couldn’t help wondering how…and why

we could be so blessed.


Blessed with good friends sitting right over there,

blessed with days and nights of beautiful weather,

blessed with the ability not only to enjoy…but share

moments like these together.


Blessed to know when old friends reunite

it does not matter where…

love will permeate the night

and laughter fills the air


Sitting in the sand as the full moon rose

I realized the answer to Deborah’s query. 

Well, as I watched how on the water the moonlight glows

I formulated a theory


It’s not long walks along a shore that never ends

or the sun and sea that entice…

when you’re lucky enough to visit old friends


wherever you are….is paradise.

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His obituary read…he died last night…sometime in the early morn…

He was 95 years old when he passed…in the house where he was born…


In the town he never left…in the town where he had grown…

In the town he loved so dearly…in the town he called his home.


And though he never traveled…never ventured to any other place…

the article stated this 95 year old man…died…

with a smile on his face.


For when that fateful time arrived…at the moment his life would end…

his house was filled from top to bottom with family…and friends.


As I finished his obituary I wondered about the path in life he chose…

living his life in just one place…like a solitary rose.


95 years old…never traveled…was he happy?

Well, I guess that all depends…

for he seemed to find his happiness amid his family and friends.


I guess each person finds happiness in their own way…

in their own time and their own place…

and, perhaps, the best that we can hope for…

is to die with a smile on our face….


To die in the bosom of our family and friends…

to die with angels hovering above….

to die knowing as we rest our eyes one final time


we’re surrounded by those we love.

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I noticed my old high school yearbook on the shelf where it has stood

for many years and when I opened it I thought…it smelled like childhood.


Browsing through its pages…much to my delight

I found myself and many old friends…looking good in black and white.


Most of the faces I remember…some I did not know.

Moments captured for eternity from a time long, long ago.


There was Rollie, there was Marilyn, there was me…and Joe and John

We spent many moments together…and then in a moment…we were gone.


Gone on to our futures…wondering what we might find…

excited at the possibilities…grateful for the friends we left behind…


I did not know back then…(I was much too young to see)

how the people in my yearbook…would help determine who I’d be.


I had no way of knowing…(I was as yet unaware)

that I wouldn’t be standing where I am today

If I hand’t been standing there.

Standing with my childhood friends 

friends who somehow found a way

to help transform the boy I was

into the man I am today.


I wonder… isn’t that true for many of us

as we visit our yearbooks once again?

For where would we all be today…


without the friends we had back then.

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I have this wonderful bouquet of friends…all as different as night and day…

Some of my friends pray to their God…while others…to a different God they pray.


Some of my friends don’ t believe in God at all…Can you imagine that!

Some of my friends are old, some young…some thin, some bald, some fat.


Some of my friends come from other countries…speak different languages…wear different dress.

Some of my friends make more money than me…and some, I imagine, make less.


Some of my friends love other friends who happen to be the same sex.

Some of my friends eat meat…and some of my friends still write checks!


Some of my friends are different colors…read different books…watch different movies and TV…

Some of my friends love to soar across the sky…some love to sail the sea…


And I have to admit…I love every one of my friends…

I love each one like a sister or a brother…

I only hope, for the sake of world…

my friends can learn to love one other.



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They meet as strangers…unfamiliar…apprehensive…

their first meeting…tentative but sweet.

Which, when you stop to think about it, is how most people meet.


From this uncertain beginning…their relationship extends

They find they have a lot in common…and strangers become friends.


Their friendship is strengthened by laughter, by sharing hopes and dreams,

by holding on to one another as they ride through life’s extremes.


But life is unpredictable…as often is life’s way…

causing friends to bid adieu…to go their separate ways.


They part amid some sadness, yet happy at what they’ve achieved…

for they have given the gift of friendship, and friendship have received.


Years slip by until they meet again…this meeting; tenderhearted

It’s as if there was no loss of time…as if they never parted.


They are experiencing one of life’s wonders…shared only among friends…

That friendship has no time limit…that it’s memory never ends.


Yes, old friends understand the secret…new friends will one day learn


That friendship never says goodbye…but waits patiently for its return.

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