There is an old adage: Good friends are hard to find…

I think that’s a somewhat pessimistic point of view

one I have found, over the years, to be anything but true.


Since retiring…on our morning walks 

we’ve been amazed how frequently we meet

the same people who walk the same time…

usually along the same streets.


Friendships that started with a smile and a wave

as we passed each other walking…

which led to ‘Hi’, 'How are you?’ ‘Have a great day!’

you know…superficial talking.


But from ‘Nice to see you’, ‘Can you believe this weather?’

‘Hey, how have you been?’

There comes a point in a friendship when you let each other in.


A point when you see them walking toward you

and you immediately wave…then smile…

knowing you’ll be stopping…just to visit for a while.


As you talk about your families…your ups and downs in life

your children, your vacations, your histories, your partner or your wife


It is at this point…this juncture as your lives begin to blend…

you realize somewhere along the way…you have become good friends.


Which is why ‘good friends are hard to find’

is an adage you’ll never hear me repeat….

because a good friend could be someone…

whom you meet along the street….


Thinking good friends are hard to find…

is truly a mistake…

because good friends aren’t something you find…

good friends are something you make.

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Although I do not fully

Although I do not fully understand the poem's format or structure, I applaud the profound wisdom it presents, especially in that final stanza---which deserves to be in the quotation books.  Bravo!

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.