patient #223

Section 8

I've been here so long, locked inside this hell so long ago, I don't know if I even existed before I opened my eyes in this prison. I don't even know if there is a world beyond these walls. Everything is so hazy in my mind, I'm not sure what is real and what is a dream, though the doctors tell me it is all in my mind, and the people who come to me aren't real. I'm told they don't' exist, but they tell me things that are to be, and whisper in my ears at night, words of future events. I've tried telling someone, anyone, but the therapy and the experiments have left me nothing but a consciousness that barley hangs on, and feels as it fades with each treatment. I am locked in my mind now, with no one to hear me, but myself and the grey people who still visit me. I no longer try, but keep it locked inside, just as they have me locked in here, with hope that I'll be cured and free, but I'm so scared I fear I'll never be able to stand among men again as a human..but as a freak, a monster of their creating. In this place, I spend my time, and the time is soon that I will be free of my own doing, whether in death or life. They have a plan for me, and Soon that plan will be revealed.

To deny the father

"I am your god...your father...I came from heaven to create you in my image, to bring light to this world!"

"He lies...you are aboninations...brought back from death to serve an unholy purpose, to exist as slaves, nothing more...no man under heaven was meant to wake from the grave, and he is no god!"

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The right to play creator

"What manner of experiments are these...these are abominations, you don't have the right to play God!"
"I am God."

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