Drunken Cop

I turned to the bottle because I'm a Cop.

I was a good Policeman but it had to stop.

I couldn't stand the crime and violence anymore.

It got to be something that I could not ignore.

A six year old kid was killed in the cross fire when a gang decided to attack.

I had to explain to his parents that their son got a big hole blown in his back.

I saw so many deaths that it became hard to even keep my meals down.

I could no longer tolerate the violence in this crime infested town.

I couldn't continue being a Cop, it was something I couldn't take.

It bothered me so much that every day my hands would shake.

My career as a Police Officer came to an end.

And sadly, the bottle became my best friend.

As I sit alone in this bar, the bartender is pouring me drinks.

Please don't be a Police Officer in this town, it really stinks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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Dick Tracy

I'm a cop and my name is Dick Tracy.

A lot of cops are corrupt but not me.

I can't be bought just like Elliot Ness.

Because of crime, this city is a mess.

A Crime Lord runs this town and his name is Big Boy Caprice.

While he's operating, there will be no peace.

Some times I fight criminals with my fists and some times I use guns.

This town will be safe for people to live in when my job is done.

Yesterday I got in a shoot out and I killed Pruneface and Flattop.

Taking those two down means that a few of the crimes will stop.

Two months ago I brought down 88 Keys and The Blank.

Citizens are grateful for what I do, they all say thanks.

I have a wonderful family and that makes me blessed.

I have a boy named Junior and a wife named Tess.

I wear a 2-Way Wrist TV that allows me to communicate with other officers.

When I bring Big Boy to justice, the streets will be safe again, that's for sure.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is based on the comic strip that was created by Chester Gould.

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Cop Friend


I just met you

And you and I seem to be

Getting along pretty well


But this is just the beginning,

Who knows what will be next

Probably a good friendship


Because I already know

That a relationship is

Quite far out of the question


We have only known each

Other for a few days

But I can tell


That we will end up being

Very good friends

So here's to our friendship



Written on 

April 5, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The guy I wrote this about is a jailer. He asked for a poem, so I wrote him one. There would have been more to the story, but he is married.

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