Years ago my granddaughter and I were watching the sun set over the ocean…and as we stood there enjoying the view…she said, “Pick me ip PopPop, so I can see as good as you.”


“Why is that?” I asked as I lifted her up and we gazed out at the sky. 

“Because,” she said with the innocence of a child, “I have little eyes.”


I watched a smile engulf her face…I watched her eyes widen within her head…”The view is so much better up her.  Thanks, PopPop.” She said.


You have to admire the way a child’s mind works…there is no pretense….no deception…there is an honesty…a vulnerability in the innocence of their perception.


She was just a little girl then…brimming with purity and charm…who thought the world would look a little different way up in PopPop’s arms.


As we watched the sun paint the sky…as I held on to her…tight

as I saw the expression on her face…I remember thinking she might be right.


My granddaughter is now as tall as me…those days of lifting her into my arms have past…but I pray no matter how tall she grows…her innocence will last.


I hope she never will forget…those days when she was a little bit shorter than me in size…

those days I held her in my arms 

and she saw the world through little eyes.

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They didn't know each other as children…their seeds of love were later sewn…when the two of them were older…when the two them were grown.


At least that’s what he thought at first…but he quickly had his doubts…for he falls in love with her child…every time she lets her child out.


Her child comes out so often…it’s like he married a set of twins…never knowing where her adult might end…and where her child begins.


After spending a lifetime together…even now, when they’re old and gray…he falls in love with her again…every time her child comes out to play.


In fact he loves to watch the transformation…loves every glimpse of her child at play…and as they spend the rest of their life together…he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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What is it about bubbles…not only do they make us feel good…

but they have a way of instantly transporting us…back to our childhood.


I wonder…as we watch bubbles…soaring high up to the sky

if it’s possible to be angry when a bubble passes by.


One of the things I love about the mountains…about life in general, as we ascend…is all the wonders…all the surprises waiting around every bend.


We had been at the cabin for a while when as a new day before us dawned…Deborah came running out of the bedroom…she’d found a bubble wand.


The wand was filled with bubble solution…it hadn’t yet run dry

when Deborah pulled it out and said…let’s give these bubble a try.


As we watched perfect bubbles forming and floating all about

immediately our hearts opened up…and let our children out. 


We lost all track of time…the two of us…standing there…

Watching bubble after bubble dancing in the air.


Watching some soar up to the sky…trying to catch the ones that dropped…

laughing…just like children when certain bubbles popped.


Playing with the bubbles as they surrounded us was a wonderful endeavor 

while at the same serving as a reminder how nothing lasts forever.


Another way of reminding us…as countless bubbles passed

to enjoy each moment knowing…the moment will not last.


Reminding us as we grow older..to take the time play and scream and shout…

and even when there are no bubbles…to let our children out.


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They walked into the bookstore…a young girl and her mother

and as they browsed throughout the store they held hands with one another.


I love the innocence of the young for wherever they chose to look

The little girl asked, “Mom can I have this puzzle…Mom, can I have this book.”


She asked for every book she saw…everything under the sun 

and after negotiating for a while…they narrowed it down to one.


When they arrived at the counter they were smiling…still holding hands with one another…they held in their other hands two books…one for the little girl…one for the mother.


I rang them up and I asked the mother, as I always do, when they were ready to go

if she wanted a receipt to which she smiled and answered…”No”.


But then the little girl spoke up…in a voice both innocent and sweet

“If it’s okay with you” she asked, “could I have the receipt?”


“Certainly.” I said as I watched the smiles on their faces unfurl

when I handed the two books to the mother and the receipt to the little girl.


What a wonderful moment for me…what a wonderful treat…

as I watched that little girl smile while repeating….“This is my very first receipt.”


The mother smiled at her daughter then glanced back and gave me a look

“She seems more excited about the receipt,” she said, 

“than she is about her book.”


And I had to smile as immediately my brain turned back all my internal clocks

to a time when we bought our son the perfect birthday present

and that present spent the day untouched while he played inside the box.


I hope some day this memory will stir…perhaps triggered by someone they meet…

of the time her mother bought her a book…but all she wanted was the receipt. 

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Times moves forward…she stops for no one

perhaps that’s why the wise ones say

we must cherish every minute…

every moment…

of every day.


Perhaps that’s why as parents 

we try to make every moment with our children last

knowing, from experience, childhood is over much too fast.


Knowing once their childhood is over we only have time to blame…

as to why summers and Christmases and holidays 

are never quite the same.


Which is why, I imagine, there isn’t a parent out there

once all their children have grown

who…when they look around their house

and find themselves alone…


would give just about anything 

to bring back one more childhood moment

would love to find a way…

for their children to be children again…

if just for one more day.

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He loves her beauty, her intelligence, 

he loves her kindness too

but he also loves her innocence…

the child she never outgrew.


The child who gives her life its unique perspective

her wonderfully innocent point of view.

The child who, no matter how old she gets,

makes everything seems new.


The child who, the other day, 

stopped right in front of him.

to watch with all her concentration…

a leaf fall from a limb.


The child who sighed as it cascaded down

who watched until its tumble was complete.

The child whose smile lit up her face

as it landed softly at her feet.


The child who grinned when he said to her

“I don’t know why you’re so enthralled.

In all the years we’ve been together

you’ve seen an abundance of leaves fall”.


“Yes, I’ve seen a lot of leaves fall

in this wonderful life we’ve led.”

Then reaching down she gently picked it up,

“But not this one!” she said.


And once again he felt blessed to be in love

with someone who’s every moment is brand new

and to share in all those moments

with the child she never outgrew.

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As children the two brothers were happy

their imaginations flowed with ease

when, in a box and a basket, they were pirates

who sailed the seven seas…


Amassing a great fortune

a treasure so plentiful and grand

and when they discovered a secret cove

they buried it in the sand


They took only what they needed

of the jewelry and the gold

vowing one day to return

perhaps when they were old.


Return to reclaim their fortune

their treasure chest so grand…

the one they left when they were children

buried in the sand…


The two young pirates have grown old now

as they remember now…with ease

when in a box and a basket they were pirates

who sailed the seven seas…


And they smile as they both realize…

their memories are strong….

and the treasure they amassed when they were children

has been with them all along.

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When we are young…just starting out…as little girls and boys

Why is it important for us to feel happiness and joy?


Why is it important at least one time every day

for a child to feel joy as they run or jump or play?


Because when we get a little older…there may come a day

when it is a little harder for us to run and jump and play…


On these days when we try…but our bodies are betraying

we can close our eyes and remember

the joy we had while playing.


On these days when we try…but our bodies may be slumping

we can close their eyes and remember

the joy we had while jumping..


On these days we will realize something altogether stunning

when we close our eyes we can remember


the joy we had while running.

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You may ask yourself this question…How important is a doll?

You may think in the scheme of life…not too important after all…


But I would beg to differ…because somehow my little girl found a way

of all the dolls upon the shelf…she picked me that day.


She chose me over all the others…it took her quite a while

I like to think there was something in my eyes…or the crookedness of my smile.


From that moment we were inseparable

Inside…outside…in any kind of weather

We played…we ran…we laughed…we drank tea

We went everywhere together.


I loved the times when she was happy…when her smile was innocent and bright

When she would toss me in the air then hug me with all her might.


I was glad to be there when she was sad…or to help her face her fears

Those times she used my only dress to wipe away her tears.


I remember the day she left me in a restaurant…

I was frightened and lonely without her arms around me

and I remember how relieved I was

when she came back and found me.


This went on for years and years…all I needed was an occasional sew-up

But although dolls remain the same…little girls all grow up.


She didn’t need me like she used to…she spent more time off by herself

and I went from sleeping next to her…to a spot upon her shelf.


Where I now sit and watch her…remembering our laughter…and our fun

and the moment I resign myself to thinking my usefulness is done…


The instant I start thinking I’m just another doll filled with stuff

she gives me a little hug or says I love you

and I think…that is enough


Enough of a reason…enough proof…enough of a diagram


to remind me how important I was…and how important I still am.

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