Years ago my granddaughter and I were watching the sun set over the ocean…and as we stood there enjoying the view…she said, “Pick me ip PopPop, so I can see as good as you.”


“Why is that?” I asked as I lifted her up and we gazed out at the sky. 

“Because,” she said with the innocence of a child, “I have little eyes.”


I watched a smile engulf her face…I watched her eyes widen within her head…”The view is so much better up her.  Thanks, PopPop.” She said.


You have to admire the way a child’s mind works…there is no pretense….no deception…there is an honesty…a vulnerability in the innocence of their perception.


She was just a little girl then…brimming with purity and charm…who thought the world would look a little different way up in PopPop’s arms.


As we watched the sun paint the sky…as I held on to her…tight

as I saw the expression on her face…I remember thinking she might be right.


My granddaughter is now as tall as me…those days of lifting her into my arms have past…but I pray no matter how tall she grows…her innocence will last.


I hope she never will forget…those days when she was a little bit shorter than me in size…

those days I held her in my arms 

and she saw the world through little eyes.

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