Rooster Rooster

Just For Fun

Rooster Rooster

Peck peck peck

Why is there a comb above your neck?

You have no hair upon your head

Why don’t you use a brush instead?


Rooster Rooster 

Scratch scratch scratch

When are your children going to hatch?

What’s the point of having you stay

If you’ll let your bloodline die away?


Rooster Rooster

Cluck cluck cluck

Who let your brood-hens run amuck?

There’s hawks and rats and fox out there

They’ll soon leave your chicken coop bare.


Rooster Rooster

Fluff fluff fluff

You apparently don’t know your stuff

If you don’t get your butt in gear

I’ll soon give you something to fear!


I’ll give you to KFC you little chicken nugget

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Just for fun

Covid 19 Virus Found In Beef, Pork, Chicken, Salmon Lasting Up To 3 Weeks

Health Articles

Dr. George Galea of the World Health Organization: As long as people eat meat, there will be some chance of infection.

Farm animals and birds can catch covid
Slaughterhouse workers have very high rates of infection.
Therefore avoid meat..
Covid 19 is a 2 way street. The chickens can transmit it to workers. Workers can transmit it to living chickens or to their
killed cadavers.

It's hard for chickens in factory farms to socially distance, wear masks, or wash their claws. It is the nature of factory farms to have wall to wall birds.

A Chinese lab has found Chinese lab finds covid 19 virus in Brazilian cow flesh and tripe from New Zealand and Bolivia. What is tripe?
'the edible lining of a cow's stomach'


A Chinese lab has found coronavirus in a chicken wing. US News reported that COVID-19 was detected on a surface sample taken from a batch of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil into the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Tuesday.

Coronavirus in Indian chickens... massive numbers killed
UC Davis has listed some of the animals who can catch the corona virus. Animals are connected in other ways as well to Covid-19
South Dakota Smithfield pig abbatoir highest % of infections in country
Meat plants: front line in covid transmission
/> Livestock plants and covid 19 transmission
/> NIH article on livestock zoonoses (article biased toward preservation of animal agriculture)
/> Images:,,,,

Despite the fact that the Smithfield pig slaughterhouse in South Dakota had
the highest percentage of infected workers in the country, the CDC declined
to keep the slaughterhouse closed for more than 4 weeks.

1. Animals can catch covid-19 According to the University of California Davis, the following are some of the animals who can catch covid-19:
Cows, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, chimps, gorillas, giant anteaters, dolphins, dogs, alligators, cats, sheep, Siberian tigers etc.
Other studies speak of turkey coronavirus

2. If droplets can last on surfaces, they can also last on slaughterhouse still living animals
or cadavers' flesh, transmitted by coughing, sneezing or touching butchers.
If we are told to wash our hands (human flesh) frequently to avoid the virus, it is probable that slaughterhouse workers' hands could transmit covid-19 to meat.

3 Coronavirus at Smithfield pork plant: The untold story of America's biggest outbreak

4.Smithfield-owned Farmer John in Vernon California was fined for failing to protect workers from the virus.

5. Smithfield pig-killing plant in Sioux Falls SD fined by OSHA for failure to protect workers

6. Confirmed COVID-19 cases at NC Smithfield Foods plant ...
TAR HEEL, N.C. (WAVY) - The Bladen County Health Department confirms positive cases of COVID-19 at the Smithfield Foods plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina.

Other slaughterhouses with high rates of infected workers include at least 2 Tyson's plants, JBS (Brazilian owned), poultry slaughterhouses etc.

We know that a number of epidemics and hundreds if not thousands of diseases have been caused by the eating
of animals. The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) traced the DNA of socalled Spanish flu post WWI to a Tennessee butchered pig. HIV was traced to the
eating of monkey meat in Zaire, Zambia and elsewhere. Smallpox was originally called cow pox or kine pox
Chickenpox can from the eating of infected chickens. VJCD in humans came from consumption of cows with
bovine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Cow). Avian flu originated in eating infected chickens. Swine flu
was traced to the consumption of pigs, etc. etc.

It is also true that vaccines grown in cultures contaminated by animal ingredients from infected animals, decayed cadaver parts etc. have had toxic side effects. These vaccine viruses have been cultured in materials such
as eggs (which account for nearly half the food poisoning fatalities annually), cells from African green monkeys,
mouse brain cells pulverized, broth made from cow flesh etc.

In addition are the hundreds of ingredients from monkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, sharks, and many other species
with deceptive names such as lipase which is derived from the severed tongues of slaughtered baby animals: calves or lambs. Magnesium stearate's origen is cows or pigs. Luciferase comes from fireflies. (Lucifer in Latin means bearer of light.)

""Animal-derived products used in vaccine manufacture can include amino acids, glycerol, detergents, gelatin, enzymes and blood. Cow milk is a source of amino acids, and sugars such as galactose. Cow tallow derivatives used in vaccine manufacture include glycerol. Gelatin and some amino acids come from cow bones. Cow skeletal muscle is used to prepare broths used in certain complex media. Many difficult to grow microorganisms and the cells that are used to propagate viruses require the addition of serum from blood to the growth media." Source: FDA


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