She crawled into her father’s lap...her lips were quivering...

there were teardrops in her eyes

“Some kids say they don’t believe in Santa...

they say it’s all a pack of lies.”


She looked at him with innocent eyes...

that snowy Christmas Eve...

and asked him quite directly...

“Daddy! What do you believe?”


“Oh, I believe in Santa.” he answered,

“As sure as I believe in you.

I believe in miracles and Karma

I believe fairy tales do come true.”


“I believe in love and friendship.

I believe in kindness and family.

I believe in God and fairies and angels

I believe in wonder and destiny.”


“I believe a higher power created the planets...

the stars, the sky, the sun.

I believe in the spirit of love

I believe there’s good in everyone.”


“I believe we should listen to the animals

I believe there’s magic in moonbeams

I believe that art is all around us

I believe in the beauty of our dreams...”


“As he looked down she was sleeping in his arms

which gave him some relief.

“And when I look at you.” he whispered...


I believe I’m blessed...beyond belief.”


We ran across an old movie yesterday…one we hadn’t seen in years

And like all our favorite movies…it offered joy, laughter and tears.


It’s about how life’s an awfully great adventure…It’s about reaching for the sky.

It’s about never growing up..and about a young boy who can fly.


It’s a movie about believing…in what you say and do…

because if you believe hard enough…your wishes will come true.


But in real life we know…wishing doesn't make every dream come true

there’s cancer, Alzheimer's and ALS…just to name a few.


I’ve lost friends and family to all of them…and though I hoped for them to stay…

No matter how I wished and prayed and dreamed…they all died anyway,


But the movie reminds us to never stop believing…in whatever we say and do

Because we never know the moment…when some dream will come true.


There’s a bounty of dreams out there…that we can take under our wing…

For even if we cannot learn to fly…we can still learn how to sing.


That some wishes do come true and some do not…is often difficult to understand…


perhaps the meeting of the two…can be found…in Neverland

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