She crawled into her father’s lap...her lips were quivering...

there were teardrops in her eyes

“Some kids say they don’t believe in Santa...

they say it’s all a pack of lies.”


She looked at him with innocent eyes...

that snowy Christmas Eve...

and asked him quite directly...

“Daddy! What do you believe?”


“Oh, I believe in Santa.” he answered,

“As sure as I believe in you.

I believe in miracles and Karma

I believe fairy tales do come true.”


“I believe in love and friendship.

I believe in kindness and family.

I believe in God and fairies and angels

I believe in wonder and destiny.”


“I believe a higher power created the planets...

the stars, the sky, the sun.

I believe in the spirit of love

I believe there’s good in everyone.”


“I believe we should listen to the animals

I believe there’s magic in moonbeams

I believe that art is all around us

I believe in the beauty of our dreams...”


“As he looked down she was sleeping in his arms

which gave him some relief.

“And when I look at you.” he whispered...


I believe I’m blessed...beyond belief.”

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When you quit believing, he will no longer bring you presents.