It’s funny as I’ve gotten older…as my book of life has added a few more pages I have come to realize that Christmas is made up of five distinctive stages.


Today I can sit back and smile…when I take the time to pause…

knowing, for me, those five stages have revolved around Santa Claus.


During the first stage I was so young it was easy to believe how Santa Claus could drive a sleigh and bring me present on Christmas Eve.


In the second stage I’d grown up a little…and thinking I was wiser than before I figured I was too old to believe in Santa anymore.


In the third stage I was older still…and was happy to hear my wife’s and children’s applause when I put on that big red suit…and I played Santa Claus.


In the fourth stage I was older yet…my white hair and beard made children pause…

They’d smile, point…they’d wave and say, “look Mommy I think that’s Santa Claus”.


I’m now in the final stage of Christmas where I smile every time I see a Christmas decoration or hear a Christmas song because I realize not only do I still believe in Santa Claus…but I believed in him all along.


What makes this such a wonderful stage…is realizing Christmas is more than Santa Claus or songs or the different gifts we are receiving…

that Christmas is…

that Christmas was…

that Christmas all always be…

In the magic of believing.



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She crawled into her father’s lap...her lips were quivering...

there were teardrops in her eyes

“Some kids say they don’t believe in Santa...

they say it’s all a pack of lies.”


She looked at him with innocent eyes...

that snowy Christmas Eve...

and asked him quite directly...

“Daddy! What do you believe?”


“Oh, I believe in Santa.” he answered,

“As sure as I believe in you.

I believe in miracles and Karma

I believe fairy tales do come true.”


“I believe in love and friendship.

I believe in kindness and family.

I believe in God and fairies and angels

I believe in wonder and destiny.”


“I believe a higher power created the planets...

the stars, the sky, the sun.

I believe in the spirit of love

I believe there’s good in everyone.”


“I believe we should listen to the animals

I believe there’s magic in moonbeams

I believe that art is all around us

I believe in the beauty of our dreams...”


“As he looked down she was sleeping in his arms

which gave him some relief.

“And when I look at you.” he whispered...


I believe I’m blessed...beyond belief.”