being different

Being Different'

Just a thought!

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"Being Different"         "For those who like to dribble down the page....

                                                   I thought I would dribble around the page!"

Be Different

If you can’t be the most excellent,

Try at least and be different,

Make hope the best friend of yours,

And confidence should be your mistress of course.


Ever know that,

You’re good at,

Almost everything,

And change you can bring.


Criticisms shall be there ever,

And they’ll also spread the rumour,

About you in their challenge persistently,

To stop you and your journey.


Be true to yourself ever,

Success like a compass shall lead you whichever,

The place is that you,

Cherish to go.


Remember that strong willpower,

And creativity shall take you higher,

Success shall kiss your feet,


Once you shall be on top of it.

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Life From A Distance

Life From A Distance


Flocking birds in a meadow singing their song


I would love to be able to sing along


But they won’t let me


Because I am not one of them


So I fly away


To sit in a distant tree


Soaring eagle flying higher than I ever could


To fly along beside it would feel so good


But it won’t let me


Because I’m not one of him


So I fly away


To sit in a distant tree


Peacocks’ pretty feathers dancing in the wind


I would love to have such a pretty friend


But it won’t let me


Because I’m not as pretty


So I fly away


To sit in a distant tree


People sitting laughing and having fun


Wish for one second that I could be one


But life won’t let me


So I fly away


To sit in a distant tree


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Some girls are talking,

I walk up to them,
Just to say hi.
They ignore me. Again.
Why do they hate me?
I remember.
I am not one of them.
The clones.
I want to be my own person.
At the beginning of the school year,
We read a poem.
And wEeDs.
I guess everyone else IS a FLOWER.
And I guess I am a wEeD.
A lowly wEeD, who no one wants to talk to.
Because I am different.
Why do people become clones?
Because when a person chooses to become a FLOWER,
They lose themselves in the process.
Their former personality is never to return,
Only to be replaced with a metallic voice,
A cold soul,
And dyed hair to match.
Sure, you girls find love early on.
In high school.
But the wEeDs will win.
At least in the end.
Because WE will be the ones who have friends,
When we get out of the colleges,
That YOU never got accepted to.
Because our soul is still there.
Just because you are alive,
Does not make you more special
Than me.
Or the other wEeDs.
We will be the special ones,
Later in life.
And you will be the one.
Who is hoping for more.
Just like we were.
When you taunted us.
For being different.
For being wEeDs.
You just want more of yourself.
Strength in numbers,
Am I right?
Only you can decide.
You want an army,
To intimidate us,
Go on.
Try to intimidate me.
Because I will forever stay,
A wEeD.
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Okay, so, I kinda forgot title of the power I wrote about, but the poem mentioned belongs to the author. Oh wow. A poem mentioned inside a poem. Yo dawg...

Not Your Average Anyone

Through My Eyes

I'm weird,
I'm different,
I'm quaint,
I'm unusual and I'm strange.
I'm a very unique individual
Who's bound to make a change.

I'm colorful,
I'm odd,
I'm irregular,
I'm abnormal and I'm myself.
I'm an extraordinary one-and-only,
Who is unlike anybody else

I'm unique,
I'm special,
I'm original,
I'm a one-of-a-kind type girl.
I'm not just your average anyone
Too easily forgotten in this world.

I'm weird,
I'm different,
I'm quaint,
I'm unusual and I'm strange.
I'm a very unique individual
Who's bound to make a change.

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