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Beyond Repentance

Surrounded by reprobate minds

men living on borrowed time 


No remorse when an evil bastard dies,

one beyond repentance 


A world relieved of

a demon 


Now some can rest

but more evil steps in to serve its god


Try my patience 

with your games 


Unleash vengeance 

upon yourself


There is no turning

back for the reprobate 


Satan has you 

in his claws 

I am not your



That is you



To escape the rape

you incur


In hell

Like a dog

fucked beyond repair


On all 4 fours you

are brought


To your death 


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Fuck 69

Fuck you


Your whole species

is a curse and a blight 


Alien piece of crap 

you spring up like weeds


Quickly you reproduce to contaminate 

the world 


You are a curse

 a blight


A parasite








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Hot Dogs

keep them stressed 



Bark like a fucking dog

all day


Like a deranged ravenous



Stress them out,

leave none alone 







The draconian way

of murder of the way of Cain


Dogs rule over the flock

sodomites get to have the the rule over gods creation 


Filthy dogs barking dogs

trying to intimidate 


Hate what they can't control


Bound for hell,

try to take us with them

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Man Flesh for the Reptiles “Hiss Hiss”

They stress you out your whole life,

slow burn,

slow poison


After your dead,

they want to slice you up

and sell you off


Stress you out to have

your pituitary gland 

full of cortisol 


Every organ is of value;

they care little for life,

only for death


Fear is their drug

more addicting then crack

the reptile feeds off the terror

of all mankind


Keep them stressed out,

kill them "hiss hiss",

tasty man flesh


Like unto pork a savory meat;

they are our slaves and our food;


We shall cull the herd,

drive them like lambs to the slaughter 


No mercy,

we drink their blood


We are evil;

we hate humans "hiss hiss"


They are our enemies 

but they taste so delicious 



We have to fatten them up

keep them stressed out.

yes "hiss hiss"






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Hell Is Open 24/7

Prometheus bound

for hell 


Tartarus is hungry

for the soul of a devil 


To river Styx you cross

and through the gate


Down the spiraling starecase

in the shackles of your damnation


Slave to eternity,

arrive at the burning pit where all lost souls gather 


There they push you off the cliff 

and you  drown in the steaming pool of death


Tormented forever and ever,

bodies upon bodies,

souls upon souls 


No escaping the wrath,

hell takes no days off


No stopping,

no escaping,

no negotiatng,


In Hell

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Filthy Dreamers Part 2

The reprobate cannot stop 

sinning, continually spiraling down 

into the abyss 


Every sin is gratifying,

an animal that only seeks

pleasure,living in the moment 


No repentance,

a hatred for what is right;

creature over the creator


God not glorified as god

the reprobate dog 

is hellbound


Further and further into eternal darkness

premature burial of an immature soul 

obstinate to the truth clinging to dreams 

that will never come true 



binded to the light 

cannot tell which way is left and which way is right


Morally bankrupt

inquitious snake

hell bound


Shackled to lies,

blind to the light 






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jude 8


Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

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Filthy Dreamers

Not in the book

of life but in the book 

of death 


Only god knows 

who will rise and 

who will fall


Who will burn

and who will ascend


Some think there is no 

life after death


Fools, they drink the kool-aid

and wake up in hell after their demise


Men of reason and science 

living in the material realm


Go to the nether realm 

having chosen the material over the spiritual 


Living a debased life of sin and debauchery

ignoring god,

ignoring the truth


These filthy dreamers

will soon awaken to a new nightmare


They will beg for mercy like dogs

but it will be too late for them who are already in hell,

burning forever







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jude 8 KJV


 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

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Your Father Was an Amorite

Your father was an Amorite

and your mother a Hittite 


Your father a pig

your mother a dog 


Your father was a seducer

and your mother a whore


Your father was a crook

and your mother a troublemaker 


Your father was a snake 

your mother was in heat


Your father is a liar 

your father was an Amorite


Your father the devil,

your mother the whore



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Ugly gangstalker 

I can't wait till your all

burning in hell for eternity 


Ugly Rottweiler 

you are dog shit


Nothing but a tare

and a weed


A piece of shit

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