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Tears And Tipped Glasses

The first line was all I could bare 

Almost instantly I was out of body

As if my every muscle had been extracted upon God’s direct orders

And with that

My universe is spinning into a state of no repair


I crumble

My trembling hands, like hopeless levees

Overrun by the cascade of rains now flooding my world

My nose running a river wild

My uncontrollable sobs, again and again

I’m seeing my dearly departed friend

And his wide smile spread like tracks across Heaven’s den


I can hear his voice so clear

Like a relentless auctioneer

Annoyed with all the blether

Telling me to accept this for what it is and pull myself together

Going once… going twice

I’m slowly getting better

But it’s just too soon to have to say goodbye forever


They’re going to love you up high

I can see you laughing

As you dance aboard that soul train in the sky

With that toothy smile as you wave goodbye

Entertaining all those free spirits enjoying that final ride

The way only you could do it

Few others would rarely have a say

And maybe now that’s why you’re gone today

But the friend I knew would have it no other way

And like it was then

Even now that’s still okay

Because in this life there are few who are true blue

And that my friend was always you


And so you can finally fly free

As I am now off my knees

I’ll be here

We’ll be here

Doing what we do in times like these

Telling old stories and breaking bread for our fallen brethren

Don’t worry my friend, we’ll pull ourselves together

Just tell my Nana I miss her once your train arrives in Heaven


And they’ll be a reunion one day for us all

But tonight we hold our masses

Here’s to you, a friend for life 

For you my tears and tipped glasses


Copyright © 2014 by Daryl R. Gaines. All rights reserved










Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you Seth...rest peacefully. Gone to soon

Titanic Remembered



Floating roses, blood red and single steamed.

Solemly swaying in the tides current.

Adrift the sea at Southampton dock.


To remember fifteen hundred dead souls of the Titanic travesty.


Swirling wreaths of yellow and red surrounding green.

To commemorate the dead of the Atlantic wasteland.

At Southampton dock they sombrely gathered.


To say once more "goodbye" to the fifteen hundred dead.


Silent and still, moves the seaweed to accompany the flowers.

Blending, well with the tidal movements.

At Southampton dock; did meet the swell.


To fifteen hundred souls adrift the glacier knell.


The seas frozen embrace was theirs.

Roses, wreaths and seaweed salutes them.

At Southampton dock; so far away.


Though the fifteen hundred souls rest in a New World.







I hate September!
Lost and Lonely September;
The month that carried my daddy away.
I swear sometimes I hear your voice calling me daddy, needing my help.
Who knows me better than you daddy?
Your little girl is lost without you.
You were the foundation that held our family together.
Now gone; The family is no more.
You held me together through all the things that threatened my life, my sanity.

It's been 3 years since you had to go!
God ripped you from us.
And we died too.
Don't know how to heal, to cope;
Don't know if I will ever be able to face the world like I could with you here.
You made me stronger.
You made me fearless.

Damn you September!
Damn you for taking my daddy away.
Damn you for making be feel weak again.
Damn you September!

Out of all the things you gave and taught me daddy;
You gave me the "Ramella Attitude" and taught me that no matter what;
Ramella's are Fighters.
Ramella's Never Give Up!

So, September can kiss my ass!
I am a fighter and I never give up!

I miss you John Leo Ramella.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my daddy who passed on September 19th, 2009

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My Life

Lies to keep people happy
Ignorant people surrounding me
Friends and family who always leave
Excessive darkness and loneliness            
        ...I can never escape 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Currently going through horrible depression. So I thought I'd write this poem. Please leave comments and critique my work. Thanks and God Bless.

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” The Speed of Sludge ”

Chards of glass and broken dreams,
Decorate me as I fall,
Baptized in a pool of sorrow,
Only memories of standing tall,

Open me up to see inside,
Run your fingers through my decay,
With rainy thoughts and crippled hopes,
Its where Im forced to stay,

Beaming light will radiate,
Illuminates the hurt,
The laughing clowns have everything,
I am left holding dirt,

Invisible to the outside world,
My sun will never shine,
The cracks on my knees now separate,
Wasting faith on vacant skies,

The hour hand has damaged deep,
Punctured pride and worn,
Pursecuted to the full degree,
As I wear this crown of thorns,

The grey dark sludge that once was me,
Motionless in this cellar of hate,
My soul grows mold, too late to save,
Rotting dreams will have to wait....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Damn, typing this in, I realized how deppressing this one is...jeeze

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Never Waste a Minute

I feel the world crying low
You never found your love in home
There is no more hope, your hand is gone
Your father is the one who survived the last dawn

There are no escapes and all the rest is just mistakes
What would you take? Would you take? Would you take?

And in everything you have seen, the night was a whore
And became the sad days that never ends soon
That passionate day, you don’t know where I'm from
Is the only place where happiness says “young”?

Lost at sea
We were lost at sea
I wouldn’t think if your love were just me
All we see isn’t something that we need to have
There are no more ropes for catching our drowned dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by some psychological events that happened with me in last days.

IF I Depend Upon You

If you attach yourself to me
I no longer exist
If I depend upon you
You dissolve
If I expect you to provide for me
I diminish your capacity for liberty
If you hold an idea of what I should be
I am drowned in a sea of make-believe
If you desire anything from me
I cease to be
If I call upon you to relieve my anxiety
I fail not only you but me
If I cannot stand apart from you
I can in no way stand beside you
If we acknowledge sacred unity
Without sin of embroiled restriction
We are free to embrace love
Unencumbered and unrefined
Sensually uninhibited as it is meant to be

Paula Andrea Pyle, MA 2011(c)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ineffable Beauty and Unspeakable Grace come from the same source: the glorious power of inexpressible love. We, as humans, are allowed to view glimpses of it, brush by hints of it, hear melodic molecules dancing in the wind, but never are we submerged in its effervescent sacred omnipotence. We somehow delude ourselves to the point of believing we enmesh ourselves in it. Nothing could be further from the raw truth. We only scrape the surface,breathe a mere wisp, scantily touch the hem of the garment by imagining a human depiction of its true magnificence. The moment we reach out to grasp hold of it, it dissipates.