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The game with myself

You know you would

But never you could

If you ever got the chance

To use the knife

That ended my life

And end our little dance

But you couldn't bear

That one harming tear

That'll steal me from my friend

When you used the knife

That ended my life

And let me see the end

This is how it is each day

From each morning to each lay

As I look for the tallest shelf

I think of the knife

That ended my life

The game that I play with myself

You are dying

1. You are not special because you have a sadness that sleeps within your spine.

You do not require attention.

No one has to love you.

2. Vicodin will not ease your pain. 

It will not bring back your unborn children.

They will not make him un-touch you.

They do not make you more alive.

3. Rum is not a cure for not feeling your body in the morning.

It doesn't make him love you.

It doesn't make your mother care.

4. Sad songs do not make you feel better.

Sad songs aren't a fix for your broken heart.

Do not relate to them.

5. Your therapist is right.

Do not ignore her.

Do not take more pills.

6. Do not sleep with him.

He does not love you.

He can't fix you.

Fix yourself.

7. Do not read old blood stained suicide notes.

They are not beautiful.

Do not be proud.

8. You are not beautiful.

You are dying.

Stop saying his name.

Stop painting his name in red.

9.You are dying.

Stop wishing for him.

You are dying. 

He doesn't love you.

10. You are dying.

Stop fighting the paramedics.


As I gaze upon the stars tonight, how I wonder would you care if I had gone?

Can it all be so easy, Would you ever miss me?

As I lose all control your face comes to mind.

I could never hurt you, no matter what you do.

You always told me, "Stay strong!" but I'm weakening tonight.

I won't give up on you, won't let them win.

I'll always love you my sweet, sweet sin.

Never give up. Never give in.

Tonight we stand strong, tonight we have won.

This is our life not theirs.

Life is so short but, you and I are forever.



If anyone you know is struggling with suicide, tell someone. They'll get the help they need. Stay strong and never give up. Life is much too short.




I’m not pessimistic


                           I just see things differently

I see reality. I see the truth.

The shameful truth, the ugly truth

                           The truth everyone knows about

But ignores

The truth is reality

         And reality is the truth

I chose to see the ugly truth

                                             Because I am the ugly truth






My eyes are red

My body is numb

I am ready

And I have been ready,

For quite a while

A small movement

Of a index finger

Is all it took,

And now