Fair Maid


Hey! lovely maid.  Where does the wild flower grow?

"All around sir"; Even at your feet, as am I".

"Sir" offered no acknowledgement of her dainty bow.

These wild flowers are so beguiling to my eye.

Stay awhile sweet maiden, I seek a sacred bloom.

What type of flower is that?

Rare and sacred, it's scent of an equisite perfume, made to dispel the gloom.

The flower is as red as blood on each petal a white heart.

It sounds wonderfull, as lovers might need seclusion.

To praise the bloom and compare their love before they part.

Reassuringly they exchanged loving glances, so full of inclusion.

Quickly before discovered, to a grove of trees they dart.

Their kisses so sweet , so hot and empassionate

Entwined in a locked and loving embrace.

With blood so red and in rediness for complete affectionate.

The lovers looked in bliss;  of tears there was no trace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Instant love and passion, so tempting too.

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