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Cbust of move thus show improve
light upon light gets sorted in flight
chase after a dream the natives scream
through pull ups the vacant screen

put a little light upon the praise
venture out in the willderness of primitive domain
peril to the teeth structure will often savor
mix colors red, green & blue

tell us what we need to do
trees in the playground
trees on the hills
fragrance among us saturated beams thrill

choose to wonder shoot to thrill
like the ice cream sought to chill
pump up the jam its flight to soon
trees with fallen acorns

Sought through the vergeance sea;
left a pillow of sorted of years deploy
Bob you were gone too soon
left in a blink of an eye

the creation of a thick lulabye
mix the colors the invading sense
with the mix of the quaint features of the eye episode

More trees !
reate With Trees ( A Legendary Meeting With Bob Ross )


Return To Shallow Pier

shallow peak
hesitant on a kiss
hero in the mist
chase back the fever with a smile
still to know all the great while
love was king

A moment of patience in a moment of anger,
Saves you a hundred moments of regret...
sharpen you pen even flow begin..
loves lost opinion,
cheer up my friend

Urban Twilight

Is it meant to be this hard? My love life is falling apart.
My girlfriend's mother said things that's wrong and off the wall.
Her mother said "If I ever catch you with that low down dirty dog I'm calling the law"
 I didn't know at the time I came over to spend time.
I thought everything was fine until she came outside crying out her eyes.
She's screaming "I no longer want to be alive"
And hearing that hurt me inside I'm not going to lie.
I started to wipe away her tears but still I sense her fear.
Then she said the police are on their way here to arrest me.
I couldn't believe my eyes have the look of disbelief.
But I continue to proceed to listen to her pains hoping my input would bring in change.
Told her to maintain in this world where we're in constant strand
As I embrace her in my arms told her I won't let anything on this earth harm her.
Her tears stained my shirt but as we talked we're still on high alert.
But as the night grew old I had to go "I love you's" exchanged.
I walked away into the silence of the night.
That was surely ruin by the flashing blue lights and loud sirens!
Police aimed at me like I was a tyrant told me to lay down before they started firing!
So I comply because I don't want to die!
Just another part and in this Urban Twilight.
Why this happen in my life!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 Love life is a wild rollercoaster ride and I purchased a ticket for it



that awful pit in your stomach growing 

nothing seems to make it go away 

the tears roll down your face but you want them to stay 

for you don't know what to do if you're not occupied by the physical response your body produces 

you try to tell yourself that everything is okay when you walk out into the world,

lying to yourself just to make it through the day 

but you know as soon as you as your alone, see that picture hanging on your wall or that letter that he once wrote you

you break down 

it was the right decision for being together was making you miserable but that misery was routine

you are now faced with a new monster where you are not adjusted, this new sadness is not your friend and you don't know how to act 

small talk is awkward and no, you don't want to get coffee with this stranger 

but maybe one day you'll come to terms, shake hands and make a truce.





Through the cracks

Let the night keep my secrets,

from my anger to my sadness

and so that no words are spoken,

leave the truth to my demons.


Awake til dawn 

so that I'm too tired to care

for the pain that still haunts me.

I'll smile for you

and bring as much joy as i can,

but once I've turned away,

return the darkness that clouds my mind.


Awake til dawn,

as I wait for a sign,

to pierce through the skyline

and rise above the mountains

to make snow shine like gold,

and then seep into the valley

bringing everything to life

and form a rainbow in the rivers.

Flowers from roses to sunflowers,

and trees from oaks to palms,

to all reach for the sign...


Awake til dawn...

There's no dawn in my mind.