Cbust of move thus show improve
light upon light gets sorted in flight
chase after a dream the natives scream
through pull ups the vacant screen

put a little light upon the praise
venture out in the willderness of primitive domain
peril to the teeth structure will often savor
mix colors red, green & blue

tell us what we need to do
trees in the playground
trees on the hills
fragrance among us saturated beams thrill

choose to wonder shoot to thrill
like the ice cream sought to chill
pump up the jam its flight to soon
trees with fallen acorns

Sought through the vergeance sea;
left a pillow of sorted of years deploy
Bob you were gone too soon
left in a blink of an eye

the creation of a thick lulabye
mix the colors the invading sense
with the mix of the quaint features of the eye episode

More trees !
reate With Trees ( A Legendary Meeting With Bob Ross )