a challenge

A Challenge [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


I’ll manage

To handle smartly

Since I born was

To face challenges, move thus

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I would like

I would like to see more smiles from

the Central Valley Poets, that is if

you truly love poetry.

No need to be in Spanish, poetry is 

found in all languages, cultures, and 

roots, but I see the dead tree without

the fruits of your labor.


"Where is the honor of being called

poets and artists? Your smiles obscure

the sun and the page lonely awaits for

your cherish to shine in the Central



What is the fear of writing here in a 

page made just for you, just for me?

Do not say you do not have time,

because for love there is always time,

or simply with just the name you are 



Your smiles are gone in the wind, I

feel I am the only poet who can write

this without complaint or vigor.

I would like to read the words that 

turned your cries into songs of passion! 

I wish I had more conversations with

poets, but I feel some do not have

words to convey - "

Or is it that you are better than me? and

I am a lost bullet with no name, wasting

my time in sharing my best and worst



Here you will find artists with paintings

and drawings expressing their lives, but

see that time takes away the desire to


Unfolding before my eyes is the

development of the last days of poetry;

not mine, but yours!


If I could change the pages name it woud

read: 'The Poet of the Central Valley; He

who loves Poetry in Spanish and his



I would like for you to take this challenge

as inspiration to live and share your hard

work and dedication; 

Do not forget where you came from,

because wherever you are now with your

hard work and dedication your efforts 

began in empty pages like this. In lifeless



It is not the fame, nor money why an artist

gets lost; the memory lost of their beginnings

separates the truth from reality.

Without an audience we are just puppets of

art; you never know who your breath can


Art is not greedy, why must the Artist? "

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A challenge to fellow poets and artist! 

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