Today—I’ll work

Later—I’ll be dork

I don't understand

Why I always stand

Gawking at the fork

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2002 Poetry

       Signature of consent

       For a five-month stretch

       Can’t be choosy, can’t be picky

       This is all you can get

       And no matter how you bend

       They won’t see your diligence

       Even your ken is too much for them

       Maybe they aren’t content

       Or maybe their cash isn’t sufficient

       Time rebuffs an amend

       To this runaround practice

       As unfair as any labor practice

       Time will never see again

       The earlier state of employment

       That last while one can.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How I wish I could do something about unfair labor practice

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2002 Poetry

Who would forget the remnants of their existence?

Their contributions are abound, useful and helpful

Imagine how to get from one place to another

By land or air had wheeled vehicles and flying

Transportations weren’t painstakingly invented

Imagine the darkness that will shroud the earth day or night

Had bulbs and fluorescents weren’t in existence

Imagine how can one know the conditions of their loved ones

In far –off places had not the invention of telecommunications

Imagine how tedious and boring the world would be

Without television, hi-fi and computer to meander us everyday

Imagine the human health and its life-prevention to remise

Had not medicines and operational gadgets were invented

Imagine oh I cannot imagine how my life would have been

Without those inventions so essential to life’s prolongation!

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-A Stroke of Dunn Edwards

Poetry Challenge


Inside his mind

he works with flare.

Strokes of the brush

flying here.....flying there.

Colors abound

in a careless array.

As gallons express

his thoughts of this day.

Paint colors his world

in his glee  does he cackle.

One hand guides a roller  

the other does spackle!

But outside the house

he does his job well.

He loves the 'paint world'

and his efforts do tell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes I ask my friends for 10 or 15 words and I write them a poem.   Charlie worked in a paint store...these are the words for his poem: work, paint, colors, house, inside, outside, gallons, brush, roller, spackle

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2002 Poetry

everyday of my life

I see all the same things

weighty at my desk

pen and papers far and wide

applicants are lining up

hoping to seize a job

visitors keep coming in

trying to obtain their meaning

the piles of work I receive

makes me realize my role in the scenes

the more people I get to know

the better person I will become tomorrow

works don’t seem to be ending

they are constantly coming

but this proves only one thing

I am not just a piece of thing

who just sits, stands and prattles

until the day’s over

each time spend

is a tiring accomplishment

whether in idleness or diligence,

in swift palaver or gossiping,

energy is also seeming

for every laxity and acumen,

tolerance and irritation,

failures and fulfillment,

deadlines and extensions

still energy is seeming

not once I thought of taking a leave

even for a week

just to feel the breeze

or pamper myself with dreamlike being

like a honcho who behest directly

so I could relate

to my boss’s demanding ways  

just for a week, a seven-day break

of taking some time-out

that  I denied myself after I graduated

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Sa Pagsibol ng Pagasa

nilisan ang bayan

mga pamilya ay iniwan

hawak mga pangakong pilit isakatuparan

di alintana hirap ng katawan

at ang pagalipusta ng mga banyaga

sa ibayong dagat doon nagsumikap

upang maabot minimithing pangarap

mga kababayan kayo'y uliran

tinaguriang bagong bayani ng bayan

nawa'y dumating ang takdang panahon

ang sariling bayan ay di na iiwan

ang taong bayan ay pangalagaan

ang dapat isaisip ng ating pamahalaan

ngayong kahirapa'y di maiwasan

manggagawang Pilipinong bayan ay nilisan

lubos kayong kahanga hanga kailanman

bunga ng pagpupunyagi

sana'y inyong makamtan.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Alay ko ito sa mga OFW's na tiniis ang hirap at pag alipusta ng mga banyaga para lang sa maibibigay na kagandahang buhay sa kani-kanilang mga pamilya.

Sa panawagan ng may akda ng na magbubukas ng isang kategorya kung saan magkakaroon ng klasipikasyon ng mga tula ayon sa wika (maliban sa Ingles), ang inyo pong lingkod ay hindi nag atubiling sumulat upang maisama and wikang Filipino para po naman tayo ay makilala.

Ito po ang aking unang pagtatangka sa pagsulat ng tula sa wikang Filipino.  Sana'y naibigan ninyo at kung hindi man, pagpasensiyahan nyo na lang po at ako'y handang magpabaril sa Luneta.

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This is the way it is.

When I need more money

the next thing you know

poof...... OVERTIME out the butt.

I give it 100%

work all that they will let me.

This goes on for a couple of months.

I get run down but will not give in.

I need rest, the Great Spirit sees.

Then POOF...... no more over time.

No extra time means that yes Renee' gets rest.

After a couple months of long weekends and relaxation.

Then once again.... yes you guessed it..... POOF.....

All the overtime you want... so that is what it is like to me be.

I guess you could say it is.... ontime overtime....

when I want it or need it.... the Great One makes it possible.

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