Judy was in the store
and I found her at the back
filling shelves
and I said


how's it going?
and she said
O so so
not like it was


at school
you could have a laugh
here everyone is


O got to keep
the customers happy
got to keep them
coming back


she placed the last
of the tins
on the shelf
and paused


you still get
to sit by our lake?
she said
now and then


I said
not as often
as we did
but I have to work

now too
and time gets eaten up
by the work time
you remember that time


we sneaked there
after school
and it was summer evening
and we sat there


watching the sun go down
through the trees
like a departing actor
after a big scene?


she said
sure I do
I said
and the shadows of birds


going off to sleep
and bats
she said
O how I hated


those things
beginning to flap
about over head
and that time


you kissed my neck
so unexpectedly
that I screamed
and it echoed right


through the woods
like I was being murdered
she smiled
and looked around the store


don’t have a laugh any more
it's all so serious here
the staff
the customers


just wish
it was as it was
maybe we
should meet up again


one evening
by the lake
and see the sunset
as we once did


I said
the store manager
came by
and said something to her


and she picked up
some other tins
and began filling
another self


what's he say?
I asked
the bum said
I wasn't


to waste company time
in idle chitchat
she said


I'd like to get
to the lake one evening
as we used to
maybe Thursday evening


I looked at her hands
holding the tins
how I once held them
and kissed the fingers


one by one
I said
that will be good


we agreed a time and date
and I left her there
giving the manager
a cool eyed stare.


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"Love Store"

She stays in my mind.
I cant get her out.
I think of her when I awake.
I think of her when im out.
She is a vision that I cant ignore.
She the light shining bright from that "LOVE STORE".
She has a face full of charm.
I wish that she could be in my arms.
I picture her next to me.
I think how can this be.
She is as free as me.
I cant keep her long, but I fight.
I just hope one day that I might get my "LOVE STORE"

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