I am like a river, trashed through time

I am like a river, despite this I keep flowing and fighting even though the constantly barrage of the pasts trash takes its toll 

I am like a river, flowing to a point is a rivers aim 

Amanda you are my point, my purpose in life is to be the best for you, make you happy and love you every day 

When you sail on my river, the pollution goes away 

I see the smile I have caused on your face, and it makes my day 

You are my inspiration, my life, my rock 

I am a river, and flowing to you, you are my ending everlasting spot 

I love you your everything to me and you always will be 

And I am willing to make the sacrifices and work necessary for our unbreakable bond to grow even stronger and defeat evil and time together 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

74 days into eternity

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One Determined Little Spider

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. 

Down came the rain and it washed the spider out.

Out came the sun and it dried up all the rain.

And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.

For as many times as I’ve heard that song that damn spider must have crawled up the water spout five-hundred-trillion times. Why even climb back up at all? Why not go find a nice little dry corner of the world to weave your web, little spider? You could just find yourself a nice little corner in an attic somewhere to live your life and you will never have to worry about inclement weather conditions. It just seems as though of all places, you are determined to place yourself in the most impractical position possible- at the top of a water spout. The glut of spiders that crowd my attic always seem to be in the most obscure corners and crevasses as if they know to prepare themselves for that one fateful December day when I make the trek up the ladder to pull down the Christmas tree. Hanging around by a water spout is just asking to be rained upon and washed out isn’t it? Nevertheless, I don’t know any songs about the hoard of attic spiders that dwell across the land far and wide; I know a song about you – the itsy bitsy spider who keeps climbing up that damn water spout.

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A time to laugh
A time to cry
A time to think
And wonder why
Things happen
The way they do
Why was it me?
And why not you?
 I would go back
And change my ways
Of all regrets
In younger days.
Oh how I'd like
To change my fate
To fall in love
Without the hate.
But no- my past
I can't redo,
And so this leaves me
Feeling blue,
'cause future, too,
I can't control,
And wrinkles in time
Refuse to fold.
And since I am
So powerless,
I've got no choice 
but onward press.

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