I am like a river, trashed through time

I am like a river, despite this I keep flowing and fighting even though the constantly barrage of the pasts trash takes its toll 

I am like a river, flowing to a point is a rivers aim 

Amanda you are my point, my purpose in life is to be the best for you, make you happy and love you every day 

When you sail on my river, the pollution goes away 

I see the smile I have caused on your face, and it makes my day 

You are my inspiration, my life, my rock 

I am a river, and flowing to you, you are my ending everlasting spot 

I love you your everything to me and you always will be 

And I am willing to make the sacrifices and work necessary for our unbreakable bond to grow even stronger and defeat evil and time together 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

74 days into eternity

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