moods of life

....a lyric is born….


A pulsation of a theme,
in a sensation of a light beam:
I sat near by you to scribble
a verse on your beauty;
When lights and shades are on
You form a beautiful shadow
When kissable lips blooms,
the music drops away;
Sensual arousal inhibits
While nipples groomed
On your tiny tits….
Its night sky lit from
within by a strange
Greenish glow.
The title begins
A woman’s hands,
With her beautiful nails,
Slaking through a junk bin in a dark,
fire lit, ash dusted place…
a lyric is born….

Williamsji Maveli


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I swim in your blue eyes;

It’s like my own soul.

I smell the wild wind and the

Sweetness of your sweat;

It’s like my own body.

I live on your hard rock’s of love

But your sky goes up and down

Here I am lonely and lie alone.

By Williamsji Maveli

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Williamsji was born on 23, April 1955  in Kallettumkara village, Thrissur District, Kerala State, in India.  Williams George, popularly known as Williamsji, Irinjalakuda during early 1970’s  wrote simple romantic, enchanting  lyrics in Malayalam  language , scribbling from four lines to fourteen lines ( called a sonnet ) wrote as many lyrics suitable to depict in love scenes of Malayalam movies  from  his school days onwards  at Don Bosco English Medium High School.  Later while he was a college student, released his first work of lyrics titled “Ragha Pooja” (Offerings to Love) in Malayalam during  1973.  He was attending Christ College in Irinjalakuda for his Bachelors degree in Commerce .  He was elected as the Magazine Editor of Christ College during 1976, while  Emergency declared in India.  Since then he was producing himself manuscript magazines, namely “Kalithoni’ for Shardaya Study Circle of Kallettumkara and “Shilpy”, another manuscript magazine for  Irinjalakuda Sakhti  Mathrubhumi study circles.

He was much fascinated with the poetry lessons  of his Master in English literature  K.Sachidananan, Professor in English at  Christ College during 1970s. Also popular Malayalam Literary Critic Mampuzha Kumaran inspired him in developing the poetic talents which was dormant in him.  He turned to writing lyrics and penned nearly 300 songs for popular Malayalam film journals, specially for “Cinerama” , a popular cine weekly during 1970’s  published  from Quilon in Kerala  under the guidance of prominent Malayalam writer cum editor late Kambiserry Karunakaran. The he became a regular contributor to many Malayalam monthly journals and weekly publications, writing poems, lyrics, short stories, novels, screen plays and film criticisms.

 From among those published  lyrics, of Williamsji , Late T.V.Kochubhava, prominent story writer and a close associate of Williamsji, selected nearly 100 lyrics from his collection of literary works  and published  with a title “Ragha Pooja” (Offerings to Love) during 1973 which is the first published literary work of Williamsji. Though he was successful as a lyricist, his wish was to become a script writer. To fulfil that, he became the Assistant Script Writer of Late A.C. Sabu, the only Cine Journalist of that time and  a close associate of  Kanmani Films director Late Ramu Kariyat (Chemmeen fame) who brought the first Silver Award to Malayalam Film for the best feature film during  the year 1970. Williamsji  was  also associated with the screen play works of many black and white films during 1970s .

Williamsji  left Christ College after completing his Post Graduation in Commerce ( He, then worked in UAE for over thirty years with Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etislata) Ras AL Khiamah  and  Thurayya Satelite communications (Abu Dhabi). The award is for his current poetry collections named as “MAA SALAMA ”  (With Peace..) and for “POLIVACHANAPORULUGHAL”  (Revelations of Bluffed words) , both  will be released by H & C Books, Trichur, shortly.

Williamsji (Williams George) was a Freelance writer for    “ Gulf News”, “Khaleej Times” and “The Gulf Today”, three popular  English Daily News papers, published from UAE and Columnist for Malayalam News , the first Malayalam daily paper published from Saudi Arabia.

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A Flight of Fancy

Then you will come for us a slight distance


A fight to win over the reluctant ambiance

We take in a breath only to exhale its poison

Yet it clearly doesn't ever stop in its passing fade

The shadow pulls back the curtain in its imaginative balance


A flight of fancy


Shape through its circumstance will learn to dance

Take in a show you have every right to know

A pulse sent through its tender nerve

As if you haven't learned


Over head shapes coupled by an illusion sent through time


We walk on egg shells sent through barbed wire fences silent glances

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What's on your mind

What’s on your mind?
It asks,
The facebook homepage

What shall I write?
Should I say, all the loved ones
I yearn for
On this joyous day
Living in far off places
Who I can converse with,
And even see, on msn or skype
But cannot hold close, or feel the warmth
Of touch or an embrace

Or should I post
The lingering freshness
Of those, only tangible in dreams
Who left us recollections
And sounds of laughter
Shared in kitchen after tea

Maybe I should write
How my heart aches at happenings
I see, around me
How I long to help the starving orphan,
The reluctant refugee
Battered children
Humanity in need

Maybe I should comment
Why the world is at war?
And chaos reigns supreme
How needless lives are lost on either side
Yet both claiming victory

Or maybe, a link to lighter side of existence
A song on youtube by a stranger
There is enough misery
Why disseminate it further

But then I leave it blank
The space
It cannot fathom
What’s on my mind?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Facebook homepage asking whats on your mind? Well read and enjoy

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The hospital corridor

The blue vinyl floor with interspersed mosaic patterns
Stretches from the reception to
Infinity for the old and frail
It is alive with people
Walking up and down its length
Some healthy, others sick
On wheel chairs and walking sticks
Life limping on crutches
And being carried around on
Stretchers by sinew men in uniforms
The old, the young, pregnant ladies
Worried parents, partners and better halves
Some pace up and down
Others sit silently meditating
In the afternoon sun
As news filters into the corridor
There are few smiles
Familiar nods
And there are hidden tears and inaudible sobs
When its transient inhabitants
Move on,
Leaving the corridor with its array of doors
Closed forever

It lies deserted at night
The motion sensor lights
Wake up from their slumber
To shine on a lonely figure
A duty doctor catching up

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a very busy day yesterday and as I was working and walking up the corridor I observed alady on crutches and that was the trigger point of this poem. Hope you like it as it is how I see the corridor.

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Veil of A Thousand Tears

In the morning of the darkness, the star shines throughout her body.
A remnant of the life she lived, and the ways she gave.
As the light begins to shine, the angels weep.
Was it the time for sorrow?
Is this how we bury tomorrow ?
This veil of a thousand tears covered the skies

Middle Ages

Kids are out, yeah right!
Middle age has brought on a malaise
of righteous melancholy
as the dust settles amidst bunnies and dog hair.
The truth of me may come to light or maybe just an amber glow
burning still
left to flail in puddles of doused dreams.
Shed your tumultuous youth and grasp the empowerment of the middle ages.
Oh the power of me!
Feign off the frailty of aging with every breath
Impending paralysis of gray matter - creeping death
bask in the glowing embers of life's memories.

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Newspapers with dirt filled pages of scattered
dreams fill the sidewalk with envious thoughts.
i day dream kicking and screaming, with
thoughts in my mind.
mimicking the childs useless, forgotten swing,
Rocking back and forth in my desk.

when no one's watching,
when the light seems to only be shining on me. For a brief moment I see
the colors reflect off something more than the worlds distant dull
transparent reflections of ourselves.



Scattered words seem to circle around the room
a pencil box makes clicking noises to a song stuck in my head.


I start to hum.




I can hear the rain. Clattering raindrops against the old school roof.

I half listen to the teacher's words, half forgetting where I am.


I look outside. Through the blurry window. 

Blurry grass and blurry trees.

Transparent but hard to see.

Everything same but unfamiliar.



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