Envious Thoughts


She has everything in the world

She has drank gallons and never hurled

He is a super athelete

He is the winner and nobody can compete

They are perfect together

They will be happy forever

She has the most amazing and beautiful looks

She gets perfect grades and never studies the books

He has always been the most polite and congenial

He is a tall handsome and loaded with sex appeal

They are the most gorgeous people on earth

They have both been super popular since birth

I have nothing and i'm not even pretty

I'll grow in to a nasty, bitter old bitty

I have been a loser all my life

I have nothing to show for all my strife

We are "weird" and stupid and have bad moods

We are treated  hatred and with bad attitudes

I hate her she is so perfect and cool

My own boyfriend see's her and starts to drool

I can't stand him he's so neat and fun

My girlfriend compared to her is a bad pun

We Are jealous of those two

We are together but want another who would have knew?

She is sympathetic to me

I have no desire to be treated like a flea

He is nice to me but I hate wish I was like Tim

I don't to be treated like that by him

They are too nice and it makes us sick

We know they are just playing a mean trick

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem si about jealousy, although it does not relate to me personally it was written by me in a friedn's point of view and what im thought they were feeling.

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rainestorms's picture

This poems hits home. Who is it about? I especially like this part
"We Are jealous of those two
We are together but want another who would have knew?"