Paste and Fury

Welcome misspent fortune and what calls you off the track

Come journey through the circuit with a soul chip on your back

Stolen on the outskirts where temptation mauls ammends

Welcome now the fever that still burns upon the whims

Welcome now the stormwatch and those headrush thunder lies

The ways of lost reception spit a cloudburst in your eyes

D.O.A. the wisdom of the youth and underground

Welcome weathered leather and what calls to bring ya down

And maybe once I thought it, it was worthy of my faith

And maybe once I saw you...through the paste upon your face

If only for a moment, I declair there seemed a trace

A trace within the moment

A trace of new escape

A trace of softer lotion

A trace of higher grace

Welcome fleeting wonders and deceptive jaded waves

Come take it to the river or just faded lazy shaves

Stoned inside the valley with the glitter; weighted blue

Welcome now the fury that still calls to lead ya through

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